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Gameplay Controls

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Creating Quickshot Items: Press Start to display Main Menu. Highlight the Items option on the Options bar, and press the A button. Next, on the Items menu, scroll down to the item you want to assign on the D-pad and press the X button. Press the D-pad in the direction you'd like to assign the item to, and press the A button.

Spirit Strikes: Each character can gain two kinds of Spirit Strikes - Status Strikes, or Damage Strikes. The Spirit Strike points bar is located next to the Character's picture and name. A silver bar will show when you have 100 points, enough to cast a single Status Strike. A gold bar will show when you have 200 points, enough to cast two Status Strikes or one Damage Strike. The bar will refill as you kill enemies and take damage in combat. To launch the Strike: Press the Y button to bring up the Quick menu, scroll to Spirit Strikes option, highlight the strike you want to use, and press the A button.

Directional Pad Scroll through options
Left Thumbstick Scroll through options
A Button Perform action
B Button Cancel/return to previous menu
X Button View more info on current selection
Back Cancel/return to previous menu

Directional Pad Use a Quickshot Item (once assigned to a direction)
Left Thumbstick Move character
Right Thumbstick Toggle between 1st and 3rd person views (press in)
A Button Talk to another character/check item
Y Button Display Quick menu
White Button Switch characters
Black Button Switch characters
Left Trigger Toggle between 1st and 3rd person views
Right Trigger Snap camera behind character
Start Display main menu

Left Thumbstick Move character/roll or backflip (with Right Trigger)/strafe left or right
Right Thumbstick Aim at enemy (1st person only)
A Button Launch vertical attack (melee)/fire a shot (ranged)
B Button Clear multiple enemies
X Button Launch horizontal attack (melee)/cycle through weapons (ranged)
Y Button Display Quick menu
Right Trigger Raise shield (melee)/fire a shot (ranged)
Start Pause game
Combo #1 A, A, A = Stabbing attack
Combo #2 X, X, X = Full-circle attack
Combo #3 A, X, A = Spinning Air attack
Combo #4 X, A, X = Slow Spin attack
Combo #5 X, X, A, then A, A, A = Juggling move 1
Combo #6 A, A, X, then X, X, X = Juggling move 2
Combo #7 A, X, X = Charge attack
Combo #8 X, A, A = Spinning Stun attack