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A Game for Fans of all Genres

posted by TheBauc1 (MOBILE, AL) Dec 10, 2006

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This game delivered so much content that it was almost always fun. This was like a mix of Fable, Jade Empire, Zelda, and Final Fantasy. The gameplay was truly rewarding in most aspects. As two of the main characters (Tal and Buki) you will use a third-person, melee, hack and slash combo style of fighting. If you use the other two (Ailish and Elco) you are put into a FPS style which I have never seen in an RPG, but it works great. The graphics are pretty good. The environments aren't bad. And the story was definitely great. Another cool part was how you had to use strategy in your battles to survive. Each character had their own special abilities and at certain times could summon really cool God-like creatures. The leveling-up process was really easy to figure out and you could have each character just the way you wanted. The bosses were okay but a couple were annoying, just like some of the game's puzzles. Something I noticed was the poor soundtrack, I was hoping there would be a little more thought put into that. Another thing that bugged me was the voiceovers, they had the tendency to get rather annoying. I'm surprised this game didn't get much more recognition because it was pretty good (even if it did only last 15 hours). I give it a 7, out of 10.

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Above Average

Save the world in less than 20 hours

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jun 19, 2006

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When you play Sudeki, you may notice that it feels like a game you may have played before... or ten. While it borrows it's style, design and content from other RPGs and adventure games, it feels like it's own game. I can best describe it as Fable meets Brute Force. Let me explain. Sudeki takes a simple combat interface with team tactics and mixes it with upgrading, exploration and character development. Now, the good thing about this is that it will not feel like a retread even though it feels familiar. The bad thing is that it is not as good as the better examples of either genre. Combat is easy to pick up. Your melee fighters (Tal and Buki) will fight in third person view while your casters (Ailish and Elco) fighter in a first-person shooter format and all have different skill sets. The story at least attempts something different, as a dark being tries enter the land of men (hey, I said "attempts"). Now, while Sudeki is a fun game to play, you should know that it's over in less than 20 hours, even with side quests, and there is no incentive to play again. Also, it got annoying that the game constantly split up my party, leaving me with only one or two of my four lead characters. As an RPG or an adventure game, it falls behind about five other games on the Xbox. But the question I usually ask is: If they made a sequel, would I want to play it. And the answer is: Yes. It's unique to the Xbox library and has a style all it's own.

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posted by Ninja75621 (SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL) Jul 16, 2007

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I own this game and i have to say this game is the best RPG ever. Like jade empire meets fable but you should realy rent this and someday buy it

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