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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Extra song weapon for Elco

After you get past the Shadow World and return to Haskillia, go to the closest blacksmith. Then, with Elco, use his Ion Fluxinator gun and get two Razor Edge power ups. These give an extra 35 strength points each.

Easy Florins

In the Shadow World, there is a Grim Reaper that pays gold for Spirit Orbs. After you have obtained the weapons for each character from him, he buys the Spirit Orbs for Florins. Use the save point after the bridge then go through the gate and kill all the monsters. Leave, then go through again. The monsters will have respawned. Keep collecting the orbs and sell them.

How to beat the Final Master

Power up Tai as much as possible. Have a lot of SP Restores and a very strong sword. The Master is extremely powerful and is very fast. Keep using the Tai Earth attack and you should defeat him.

Juggle attack

You need to use Tai or Buki to perform this attack you must use either Tal or Buki. When fighting an enemy, press X(2), A then follow it with A(3). The last button combo will juggle the enemy, and does more damage then a regular attack.

Money Saver

In the game Tetsu will appear at scripted moments and give your characters armor its best not to upgrade your armor until your at your third and final suit that way you don't have to keep buying the upgrades over and over also you don\'t really need upgrades until then anyway.

Getting the heart for the robot

Go back down to the mines and defeat one creature after you get the crystal for the professor. REMEMBER: Do not use the portal.

Hukin's Fate

After you get Ailish in your party on your way back to Haskilia, you will pass through Noland Farm. Go inside the house and go downstairs to find a chest containing a weapon for Tal called Hukin's Fate. This sword casts poison on enemies.