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Also on:Xbox 360, PS2
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stunts excellent!

posted by Oneyungbro (TUCSON, AZ) Dec 17, 2007

Member since May 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

the game is pretty cool of the graphics and the stunts are pretty cool to the burning building and the directions... like scrape the semi, through the burning building, and over-take lanes of a driving car!!!!!!!!!!!!shoot I'll probly keep this awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Too frustrating for what it's worth!

posted by smplepinoi (SAN LEANDRO, CA) Dec 10, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

If you are a perfectionist or a gamer who likes to get 100% of the goal of the game/mission, DO NOT GET THIS GAME!
The producers or game designers of this game must have thought that making a game impossibly frustrating would make the game interesting/good. That is just stupid.
On the surface, the game's goal is to drive through a action movie set and perform specific stunts in specific areas. You will be scored out of "5 stars" how well you scored/strung them (kept stunts continuous). What it doesn't show is that in order to get the full 5 star credit, you can't simply do the stunts; you have to "string" them together. How do you do this you ask? You would think it would be some cool gameplay, but no, this is the stupid frustrating part. You have to either drive close to an object (but cannot hit it?!?!?) or drift (and mess up your time). So adding that should be frustrating enough. No, the creators go one extremely frustrating step more. You have to do them within 2 seconds of each other [which is never long enough] (I always said if it was just half a second more, the game would easily not be as frustrating as it is) or it resets your "string" and you CANNOT get the 5 star.
Like all reviewers say, be prepared to do a level MULTIPLE times before getting it down. And when you FINALLY get the 5 stars (if that's what you've been aiming for as I did), you don't even feel fulfilled. You feel a more like "finally, at last."
BUT I have to say that the concept, video quality, and especially audio quality are all superb on the PS3. At least in those areas the game is fun.
In the end, this game gets so frustrating that it isn't even fun. It ends up feeling like work than "playing" a video game. This game is more trouble/and work than its worth in fun.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Loads of fun!!!

posted by big661982 (SIDNEY, NY) Jan 2, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I played the original Stuntman game and I loved it. This game is just as much fun. I love the challenge, however, of trying to string the scenes, it adds an extra level of difficulty. When I first started playing I didn't care about the stringing, but now that I have been playing it, I focus on making sure to string the levels.

The only real downsides of this game are I can see the replay value not being there. That was my only problem with the original game, once you beat it, you beat it. Yeah the stunt creator is fun, but how many times can you do create different stunts? Also, it can be incredibly frustrating because not every scene is exactly the same as before. Sometimes the explosions and accidents cause cars to shift in your way that didn't happen before and it throws you off the next time through, causing you to want to re shoot to be perfect. This causes a lot of irritation with me because I a strive for perfection, one scene took me almost 3 hours to get perfect and string from the beginning to the end of a scene. Finally, I think some of the things you can get marked off on are very "ticky tacky", for instance if you are trying to gap two objects it sometimes says you hit part of the gap, when in replays it clearly shows you haven't hit anything

I do love the story lines and the diversity, I even like the fact that they put a sequel from the first game in here with A Whoopin' and Hollerin' II. Nice touch.

I cannot wait until I beat the game, I may hang onto this one for a while before I send it back. Definitely not a keeper, but something to hang on to for a while.

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