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Weak Fighter X Tekken

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Mar 13, 2012

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Oddly enough, this game wasn't that enjoyable. It's strange, because time and time again, Capcom releases and re-releases the same game, over and over and over and over again, and it sells a million copies, gets rave reviews, and does remarkably well. But for some reason, SXT just feels... off... Graphics are good, gameplay is fine really, lots of character favorites... but it just feels bland. Like something's just not up to par. What? I don't know.
Combos are good. Gem system is, okay, but I would have preferred something along the lines of SFIV or MVC3.
The stor-...nevermind.

After all of the Super/Ultimate/Collectors/Final/Epic/CashGrab/Remake/Arcade/Console/Komplete/Ultra/Turbo Editions Capcom has pushed out, maybe the formula is FINALLY feeling tiresome.

I'm not sure that Tekken X Street fighter will be all that different of an experience, but, this one just wasn't that great, unfortunately.

BUT! It's GameFly!!! And that is THE ONLY WAY to justify playing this/these games. Seriously, anyone who payed full price for this, or any iteration of SFIV/MVC/MK or the like, is just wasting money. GameFly it, play it, don't get brainwashed into spending $$ on BS DLC that doesn't do anything, and in 6 months you can GameFly the same game with cool word in front of it and enjoy all the DLC and more later without having to spend the money.

Not that this game is particularly worth playing in the first place, unless your a huge fan (in which case you already bought the CE and Arcade Stick...), you've played/enjoyed the others (Moi) or you simply have nothing else to do but Hadoken kids online.

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Capcom has lost their mind for charging $20 dlc

posted by SubZeroGoku (BELLFLOWER, CA) Apr 2, 2012

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As I stated on the Xbox version, this game is pretty tight just needs more characters. Capcom is supposed to add dlc they mentioned. Well Capcom has replied to all the fans stating that "on-disc" & "dlc" downloading would make no difference in pricing since they aren't ACTUALLY on the disc anyway according to digital downloading laws. That sounds & was so stupid of them to say. So they're charging you guys to add extra characters to your OWN game??? How stupid is that? Not only is it stupid but it's a lie.

People wake up! DLC was once good old classic CHEAT CODES! So why should people pay for it? On top of that, why should people pay for something that should be free after already spending so much just to get a game?! Digital law has NO control on what they add to THEIR game forget the lies they're telling!

People are seriously out of their minds for even going along with what they're doing and saying. If we stand up to all these gaming companies we can fight to get free DLC, well free CHEAT CODES!! I don't mean physical fight either, I mean fight by shortening their sales by not falling for the bull droppings these game companies are trying to pull! They don't care about the fans, they care about money!

If you're a true gamer you're with me. Stand up to stop all of this charging for a game that was already $65 sometimes $150 (for collector's edition games)! Time for this to end!

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Where oh where do I begin?

posted by KingLawXXI (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 21, 2012

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Let me start this off by saying I am a huge SF AND T fan, so I can give you my perspective on gameplay coming from bith series. First of, SF. I main Akuma/Sagat (B Rank)in SSFIV AE 2012 with a little Abel/Ibuki/Seth (Mostly C Rank, lol)thrown into the mix for flavor every now and then, so coming from that I figured I would be able to adjust easily, and for the most part I was right. The combo mechanics are almost identical to the point of being more reminiscent of an update to sfiv more so than an original game. That being said, the combos are slower, more stiff, and mostly auto pilot like MvC. The fact that there are literally buttons to automatically dish out full combos is laughable and when playing on a controller it happens accidentally very frequently so if you are not going to make the investment on a stick don't bother. As a matter of fact, I found the game borderline unplayable with my standard ps3 controller and could only play with the stick due to problems reading the inputs and such. I never had this problem with sfiv so i feel like they took a step back, but once again, playing with a stick will make this a non-issue for most, but that's a heck of a slope to climb for someone who might just want to rent the game through gamefly and not play competitively. When comparing this game with Tekken...well...there is nothing to compare. It's only tekken in name. They really could have done more to draw out the tekken influences, like maybe add rage mode from Tekken 6, or make the tekken characters feel different, but as it stands, pretty much all they did was add a poorly implemented "juggle" system that pretty much exists only to flash up combos, considering they are almost impossible to drop and don't have much variety like in Tekken. Moving on, the online is INCREDIBLY laggy which is unacceptable for a game that requires precise timed inputs. SCIV's online in comparison makes SFxT's look terrible. Add in disc locked dlc characters (smh) and SFxT gets a 1.

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