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Streetfighter the cross over continues

posted by eyebzombie (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Okay being a life long Street Fighter fan these last games of the series have been a Let down. Starting with street fighter 4, I mean unreal finishers to perform and another verison of the came in tow. Street Fighter X Tekken on the other hand I was exited for, to see the two different fighting styles collide in battle. Upon playing my copy of the game the Hype was over within a few min. No real advancement was made other than easier to perform finishers. The game is the same as SSF4 with no flare for what Tekken can do. All street fighter style combat with no Tekken fight mechanics to truely changed the game up so my attention for it was lost.

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No Tekken here at all.

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 26, 2012

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Member since Jun 2007

This game should be called "Street Fighter #who knows anymore, featuring Tekken fighters."

It was a risky move to try to take a game like Tekken and attempt to bind that feeling and style of play to a 2D fighting plane, like Street Fighter. I have to say it failed miserably in my mind, and I think this is just another market saturating Street Fighter game. Tekken characters don't shoot fireballs and I'm confused.

This was also the absolutely most complex and frustrating control scheme I've ever laid eyes on. I'm no fighting genre expert, but the learning curve here is extremely steep. You need to be unbeliveably precise at these types of games just to simply grasp the concept of the new controls, power moves, secondary moves, and 100 other named moves.

The real change here is the addition of GEMS. There are hundreds, and can be used to add real-time in game bonuses like autoblock throw attempts, or make a combo easier to perform, and 5000 other little add-ons. It becomes so complex that you could mess around with this for an hour and spend no time fighting at all. You have 2 different schemes you can attach to 1 character, so you can change a class of gems if that's not working, and obviously edit as you like. KISS it. Keep it simple stupid. They did not use the KISS method.

Tekken is so much more focused on combos, ground pounds, throws, and other manuevers. It doesn't fit well with Street Fighter's style. Now if you did Tekken vs. Soul that would be a game. Unless you only play these types of games would I recommend this, otherwise go play MvC3.

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Thought it be different

posted by madvenom11 (EAST HAVEN, CT) Mar 20, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

Im not hating on this game at all so let me be clear on that.
The graphics and the gameplay of the game itself is solid and very cool. Where the game lacks for me is the single player. I'll completed 2 play throughs and there is no real story. I was expecting a story mode in depth like that of the tekken games with cool endings. Multi player is frustrating if your not a die hard fighter gamer. In some sessions i played i wasnt able to land 1 successful strike. Im not a good fighting game gamer so i dont really care for the mutiplayer . the single player story mode is where this game fell short for me.

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