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Street Fighter 4

posted by HolySm0kes (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Feb 27, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I love the game. I think that this is an excellent evolution to the franchise. The only gripe that i have with it is that on the PS3 the load screen before the fight last about 30secs. That is forever and becomes extremely annoying. The fighting is all fast an furious then you have to wait for the next one, it becomes tedious.

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It's Finally HERE!!!

posted by metalgun (BALTIMORE, MD) Feb 18, 2009

Member since Mar 2006

7 out of 13 gamers (54%) found this review helpful

This installment of Street Fighter may very well go down as the greatest of all time (barring the Street Fighter 2 purist's opinion). Thanks to our friends at Capcom, this easily goes down as the best looking SF of all time (it uses the Cry engine). Whatever your opinion, this is a great game. As expected from previous titles, the controls are extremely tight and responsive. All the classic moves are there as well as a few new welcome editions and characters. Rufus may look like an overweight pushover but he is an ariel combo master and will beat the fur off you if you're not careful. He is joined by three other new characters, each with there own flavor of special moves and combos.

There are three notable new abilities anyone can use. First is the Focus Attack. This attack lets you charge energy in three stages, each more deadly then the last, then unleash it as a flurry of knee buckling, unblockable attacks. Second is the Hyper Armor. Activated during a Focus Attack, this ability lets you regenerate a portion of your health over time. The last is the Ultra Combo. There is another gauge separate from your EX gauge that fills up and when reaching at least 50%, you can unleash a devastating combo that can cripple anyone where they stand.

Every aspect of this game is extremely polished, the newest being the online component. I had bought this game for the PS3 and the Playstation Network handles onlines matches pretty well. As long as you get an opponent with low latency, there will be very little to no lag. Also the matches are fast paced with no time to think, only time to react.

From the jaw dropping graphics to the extremely tight controls, this game is worth getting for ANY Street Fighter fan (yes, even the purists will enjoy this) or fighting genre fan. I would like to thank Capcom for bringing to the public, a game of this caliber. Enjoy everyone!!!

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Ultra Combo Finish

posted by Trucidatio (METAIRIE, LA) Mar 24, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

9 out of 17 gamers (53%) found this review helpful

Street Fighter IV, it's just a 15 year old game, rehashed.

Blasphemy! While it's a cute attempt for reviews to try and be edgy, going against the grain. Calling this game known as SF4 a failure, rehashed, garbage, etc. I've come to wonder if perhaps these youngsters giving this game bad reviews had ever played real competitive gaming in the golden days of arcade rooms. Where SF2, MK1/2 and even Killer Instinct were top dog.

Fighting games, good ones, is essentially a lost art. Street Fighter IV is in no way a rehashed game. Don't let some of the reoccurring roster fool you. Fireball trapping in the corner isn't feasible this round, so take note.

We have a new parry style system, FADC which can be devastating when you combo with it. The feel of the game is very different. Move priority has changed, it's very different from SFII, how SFII is different to SFIII, thus SFIV is different from them all.

To call this fine game a rehash just shows a reviewers ignorance. This isn't a fanboi speaking per se. I don't see a problem not liking this game, but at least acknowledge the changes and give credit where credit is due.

A+++ would buy from again! kthxbai laaaa wwwwwww~~

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