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Not 4 Newcomers

posted by SatouM (RICHMOND HILL, GA) Jun 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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I'll skip to the point: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT waste your time renting or buying this game if you have no experience with a Street Fighter game. The controls are frustrating, and there's absolutely no way to beat the final boss on even EASIEST mode unless you use a cheap character (Blanka, M. Bison, etc.) If you try to learn the controls, you'll end up with your face up against the screen, trying to read the small text. Even if you can read it, it will take you quite a while to figure out what the symbols mean. Instead of the noob-friendly arrows and buttons, you have curiosities such as a red circle with a Z symbol in it, and a fist. If you're a big-time Street Fighter fan and you are precise with moving the joystick in a perfect quarter-circle or some kind of Z movement, then you'd enjoy this game. If you can't do that kind of thing, and you're not used to fighting games, I don't even recommend renting this game.

I wasted four days waiting for this game to come, only to be severely disappointed. I've dealt with a frustrating final boss on easiest mode, I've been infuriated by the unreadable instructions, and I've kept doing the same cheap moves with Blanka, M. Bison, and C. Viper eight thousand seven hundred and twenty six times, just to beat Seth.

Pros: Lots of characters, and if you're waiting for a show to come on or something, this is a perfect way to waste time. Those used to the Street Fighter series will probably enjoy it, until they fight Seth, that is.

Cons: As far as I know, the only way to beat Seth is by doing certain moves with certain characters. I've only found three characters that can beat Seth. There are probably other moves you can use, but you probably won't figure out how to use them. I ended up having to use a guide to see how to activate certain moves.

Overall: This game has very impressive graphics, but even the beautiful visuals won't make you forget about the frustrating controls.

This game is good for: Pro gamers.

My Score:2/5

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Break your controller frustrating.

posted by Squinky (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Jul 10, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

18 out of 35 gamers (51%) found this review helpful

If you are awesome at Street Fighter games, then this will not apply to you at all, but the only experience I have in the franchise is with other Capcom fighting games. I don't consider myself bad at any fighting game, but Street Fighter 4 made me change my mind. I had absolutely no problem with the game until I reached the boss (or what I thought was the boss, I still don't know, or care). Extremely overpowered, and get this... I was playing the game on easy mode. EASY!!! And he still gave me a whooping every time I tried to beat him as Bison. There is no learning curve when you get to him, you either kill him without letting him even attack you, or you get your rear handed to you on a flaming pile of excrement. I was upset with the game, so much I almost broke my controller. That's why this is definitely a renter. Probably real fun multiplayer, but from what I played on-line, these people know how to play, and obviously I don't. I recommend if you want to rent this, and you haven't played previous Street Fighter games until your thumbs blistered, then this is not the game for you. Otherwise I'm sure hardcore Street Fighter fans would consider this an excellent addition to the series.

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Simply too hard for new players

posted by Wendelbom (LEXINGTON, VA) Jun 21, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

20 out of 39 gamers (51%) found this review helpful

I'm not personally a fan of never succeeding. The games improved graphics are great, while they retain the old look of the first games, but that's where the fun ends for me.

The first few hours were great, but at some point it becomes painful to attempt the combinations over and over again. Succeding on a normal lvl is near impossible - it takes many, many hours of senseless banging on the keys to get somewhere.

I won't recommend the game if you are not a very serious fan of Street Fighter. New commers should steer clear of this game, and spend their game-days on something more entertaining. Painfully, I will have to send the game back, having wasted 8 days of mail-time on nothing!

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