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Great Addition to the Street Fighter Family

posted by will63081 (BALTIMORE, MD) Feb 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2004

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Ok, now normally I leave the reviewing up to others but after reading the reviews for this game I felt I had to throw in my two cents. First this game is excellent whether you are a fighting game fan or not. For those of you that don't like fighting games or were expecting something other then Street Fighter I say judge the game on how well it executes its purpose not on the fact that you don't like the genre or that you are really bad at fighting games(Why would you even request a game that your bad at?). Anyway to start the controls are tight and the moves are pulled off flawlessly. If you are a fan of the arcade version you might want to to purchase the arcade stick for nostalgic reasons and to ease the execute of some of the more complicated combos. The new art direction is great and sometimes you forget that you are still in a two dimensional environment. Online play moves at great speeds maybe even a little better then Dead or Alive (which I use as the standard for fighting games online) and players jump in and out of arcade matches with ease. Its like when you were at the arcade (for those of us old enough to remember) and playing when someone walks up drops their quarter and challenges you. I must warn you though if you are trying to get through arcade mode you should turn this option off because the challenges keep on coming. Overall I could not give this game a perfect because the AI in arcade mode is not perfect. It tends to go from moderate to what just happened in a flash (just like DOA) and their are limited customization options which seem to be the standard now.

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This Game is EPIC!

posted by Piersd (FISHKILL, NY) Feb 18, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

79 out of 113 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

To be honest this is my first review so im just put it in a pros/cons so you guys can see everything clearly.


- 2D playing field with 3D visuals

This adds another layer to make it different from the other Street Fighter games

- New Characters

the new characters such as El Fuerte and Crimson Viper meld perfectly into the Street Fighter world

- New Game Mechanics

The new mechanics such as the Focus attacks and the Revenge guage make this game one that will require alot of time to master but easy enough to pick up immediately

- Trial Mode

This should be in every single fighting game out there. This is a mode where you are shown how to perform every single move on the character. Definitely would do this before you attempt online

- Arcade Game Stick

This is probably the best thing out there to play Street Fighter with. Mad Catz is selling Arcade Game Sticks for the truly nerdy of us all. If you verse someone on multiplayer with this you have a 90% of getting owned. I suggest getting the $150 one and not the $80.


- Crashes

During the story mode I crashed three times in total. Not sure what caused it but it did interrupt my flow.

- Frame Rate Dropping

If your fighting and use a special sometimes the first 3-5 seconds after the special the frame rate drops incredibly low

- Cut scenes

Tacked on, 'Nuff said

Random Info:

-I would definitely buy this game as this is going to be one of the classics.

-I would rate this a 9.5

-I played on the 360

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A delicious return

posted by Tekyuinaja (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 21, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

20 out of 38 gamers (53%) found this review helpful

It's simply stunning how a ten year gap can sometimes make all the difference. Apparently the same amount of time (and then some) wasn't enough to save Too Human, but it ripened up Street Fighter to the point that it exudes quality.
As far as problems, there are some Ultra and Super Combos which are stupidly difficult to master. The lion's share are no problem, but Guile's in particular is... well... ridiculous. And useless. The visuals don't dispense enough of that inky, waterpaint look of the promo trailers and the characters appear to opt for a lumpy cartoony 3D look. It's not bad, but it's strange and admittedly somewhat disappointing after the promos and the actual opening of the game. The final boss is as cheap as free chowder, not impossible, but overpowered enough to be annoying when he wants to be.
From there, the game is aces all around. Fantastic use of online match-ups, innovative arcade feature (which recreates the sequence of events where some jerk drops his quarters in while you're finishing off the final boss and "a new challenger appears"), anime openers and endings, great dub actors (but awful lip sync...), great additional challenges, unlockable characters (YAY CAMMY!!!) and a partridge in a pear tree. Since the MKvsDC game, I was a bit worried for the fight genre, but this brings fighters back in a BIG way and deserves your attention.

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