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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Hyper Street Fighter 2 Akuma's (Gouki's) moves

Go Hadoken: Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward + any Punch. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Press Down, Down/Away, Away + any Kick. Go Shoryuken: Press Forward, Down, Down/Forward + any Punch. Shakunetsu Hadoken: Press Away, Down/Away, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + any Punch. Zanku Hadoken: While in air, press Down, Down/Forward, Forward + any Punch.

Storing Mode

When selecting which version you want to play as, hold Start and select "SUPER TURBO". Release Start then select you character. Now, if you select Chun-Li, E.Honda, or Vega, they have the ability to "Store" special moves and Super Combos. For example, do the super motion for Chun-Li's Senretsukyaku partially (Charge Back for 2 seconds, Forward, Back, then hold Forward without pressing K). Now the move is stored. Next time you press a Kick button, the Senretsukyaku will come out instantly.

Fight Shin Akuma

Select a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo character in Arcade mode, then beat the game without losing any rounds or using any continues. The difficulty setting does not matter. When you reach M. Bison, Shin Akuma will come in just as the match is about to start and do the raging demon on M. Bison, and you will proceed to fight Shin Akuma instead. Shin Akuma is much faster than regular Akuma, inflicts more damage, and can perform two air fireballs instead of one.

Fight Q in SF3TS Arcade Mode

This works on any difficulty. To fight Q, play a game and don't lose a single match. At the 8th match after defeating your opponent, Q's will appear on screen, and you'll fight him in the 9th round.

Selecting the 13th costume in SF3TS

There is a 13th costume for each character. Select your character by pressing Square + Circle + R1.

Skip over characters in HSF2 Arcade mode

While playing arcade mode, once you know who your next opponent is, use the second controller to challenge. Have the second player be the fighter you were about to fight before. Defeat him/her and return to the one player game. That character will be eliminated from the opponents list in Arcade mode and you will move on to the next person. This can be done for all characters except Bison. This secret can be helpful in trying to fight Shin Akuma.

Unlock Akuma in HSF2

Highlight the following people for about 1 second each: Ryu, T.Hawk, Guile, Cammy, then Ryu again. Then press Start and all 3 punch buttons simultaneously. REMEMBER: You can only play as Akuma in Super T mode.

Normal alternate color in Hyper SF2

When choosing a character in Normal, Super, or "old" Super mode, press Start to choose them instead of an attack button. These colors were originally used in Super Street Fighter II Turbo when both players chose the same character in "Super" mode.

th Color for Hyper Street Fighter 2

Select Super SF2 Turbo as your player type. Highlight the character you wish to play as, then press and hold any punch or kick button until your fighter changes color. Your fighter is now wearing his/her 8th costume.

Selecting 14th Costume Color

Only applies for Street Fighter: 3rd Strike] You must have beat the game with that character first, after doing so, highlight your character and hold start and press any 2 button combinations.

Selecting 15th Costume Color

Only applies to Street Fighter: 3rd Strike] You must have already beat the game for that character first, after doing so, highlight that character, hold start and press 2 button combinations, highlight the same character with controller 2(if you were controller 1), controller 2 will now have the 15th costume color!