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posted by Revdogma (MEDINA, OH) Mar 28, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

87 out of 90 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

Let me just start by saying i actually had high hopes for this game. With that out of the way let's begin.

The games graphics are pretty nice and detailed for your average RTS. Sound design isn't lacking either. The story is even enough to keep your attention. However, the controls of this game are strictly designed for the masochistic.

As you try to look around the map your brain starts to hurt! Not only do you get lost and discombobulated, but such mundane tasks such as moving your men from one point to another become epic struggles with your favorite 360 controller.

If that weren't enough to ruin the game for you the tutorials are a trial by fire set up. If trying to learn new things and struggling with the controls weren't enough you are also being constantly bombarded by enemy faction troops.

Finally if you are still reading this review, the game is buggy, real buggy. In the first mission alone i was watching severe pathing issues occur regularly with my units, as well as units straight out refusal to follow commands. The "innovative" point of view command system is nothing more then a straight rip off of Tom Clancy's End War, and don't even try to use the overview map.

I give this game the rating of "Better as a coaster".

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Wow it's bad, really bad

posted by DrKnow (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Oct 1, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

9 out of 9 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I had this game in my Xbox for less than 1 hour before I packed it back up for shipment back.

Here's why...

#1 - The really bad POV controls. The tutorial (if you can call it that) only gives you the most basic controls. Nothing else. I was left to figure out how to join units, pull units, watch units.
#2 - I hated the interface, confusing mimi map, no real feedback on the troops, real bad unit selection with that "Whip view thing"
#3 - The units were impossible to control. If you need to send troops more than a few inches on the screen, moving troops across the field is near impossible in POV.
#4 - Instruction on new 'features' come up during missions, you have no time to absorb, let alone learn to use it, before you are wiped out.

The graphics and audio were fine, cut scenes were pretty good, but after a frustrating hour, the game is going right back.

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How did this get past beta testing?

posted by Exidus (CHESTERTOWN, MD) Mar 30, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

38 out of 42 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

After seeing many videos, and TV segments, this game seemed to have potential. Then it's released, and that changes to a complete failure.

Graphics - While not the best I've seen, most things seems to be a washed out grey/blue tone, and ground units can't be distinguished at a distance, or sometimes even close in. Areas are the same old same old, from other post apocalyptic genera.

Sound - Average

In game Movies - Pretty good, as cut scenes go.

Options - Complete lack of options. Clicking start jumped me right into the SP Campaign, with no difficulty slider, option to choose anything at all, other than the brightness of the screen.

Game play - Fails horribly. Units are very hard to control, and cover seems to be non-existent. I placed 3 units of ground troops in shoulder high cover, another 2 units in 50/50 cover in a crossfire, all backed up by 2 assault cannon hero units. These were all shooting at troops crossing a completely open bridge, zero cover. Enemy troops wiped me out after only a wave of 2/3 ground troops. Enemy troops are extremely hard to kill, while the players drop like flies, even if the enemy just looks at them.

Maneuvering units was a chore in and of itself, having to snap back to move each unit one by one, and just to make it worse, sometimes you couldn't even see the destination point. I could place a unit atop a rooftop, troops below could shoot my units, but I couldn't shoot back..

Either way, this game is trash. Do not buy, or even rent it.

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