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Still Life


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Very Good

A Great Game for Adventure Fans...

posted by Zoidberg89 (CHELSEA, MI) Aug 10, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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As an adventure fan I can say that this game was made for people like me. The storyline of the game seems to have attracted some people who were never meant to play it in the first place (survival horror this is not). As an adventure fan I'm used to some clunky controls when it comes to PC to Xbox ports and am perfectly fine with it as long as the game has some good puzzles and an engaging story.
While the puzzles may be a little on the easy side (lets be honest though, sometimes that's for the best) the storyline is the main attraction here. You play as an FBI agent named Victoria who is investigating some murders that appear to be connected to some murders her grandfather investigated many years ago. Because of this you not only play as Victoria, but also as her grandfather during flashbacks to a case 75 years prior. The visual style of the cutscenes really help give the game an eerie atmosphere. With quick editing and sudden cuts to dead bodies, you'll almost feel like you're watching a movie at times.
The main problem with the game is that it's short. Although the ride to the end is so exhilarating that most people probably won't mind the length (again there's a lot of cutscenes so if you're not one for story DO NOT play this game). Without revealing too much of the plot, the game ends with a cliffhanger. They're planning a Still Life 2, but no word on whether or not it will be ported to the 360 (which will be disappointing to those who don't play games on their PC... i.e. me). However pure adventure fans (aka NO ACTION to anyone who hasn't figured it out yet) who enjoy a good murder mystery owe to themselves to play this intriguing game. It may not be the best adventure game out there, but due to its length you don't really have much to lose.

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Still Life

posted by sdk208 (WOODBRIDGE, VA) Apr 21, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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If you are a fan of the adventure genre with a little more puzzle solving than running around fighting things, then you will like this. It compares to games like Myst, Syberia, Silent Hill ect..I rented it for my wife and she really enjoyed it. Although the end is kind of a rip off, only because they leave you hanging for the sequel. Can't say any more without giving it away. Check it out.

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Still Life

posted by dadestroyi (PASADENA, CA) Sep 17, 2006

Member since Jul 2004

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Terrible frustrating camera angles and character control. Couldn't even bring myself to persevere through the first hour of play b/c i was so frustrated by poor control over walking and simple interaction with the environment. I haven't been this frustrated with terrible fixed camera angles since Resident Evil. Otherwise looked like a great concept & like i said i barely skimmed the surface as well cuz i was so quickly turned off

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