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State of Emergency

Not Rentable
Also on:PS2
GF Rating

215 ratings

Gameplay Controls

State of Emergency

Left Thumbstick Walk/Run/Strafe
Right Thumbstick Pan camera/Strafe pivot
A Button Punch/Punch combo/Shoot (when armed)
B Button Pick up object/Discard object
X Button Kick/Kick combo
Y Button 360 degree attack
White Button Toggle map on/off
Black Button Precision aiming
Left Trigger Dash
Right Trigger Strafe mode
Start Pause game
Combo #1 A, A, X = Quick combo A
Combo #2 X, X, A = Quick combo B
Combo #3 A or X + Left Thumbstick back = Back attack
Combo #4 A or X + Left Thumbstick forward = Grab attack
Combo #5 Left Trigger + X = Dash attack