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GF Rating

Above Average

Hopefully better online.

posted by jrandmh27 (STATESBORO, GA) Aug 24, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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Starhawk is an innovative 3rd person shooter with an added dimension of combat with the ability to change the dynamic of the battlefield by dropping various structures (such as walls and turrets as well as jeeps and hawks) onto the map- all of which are pretty large in size.

The game-play is pretty good. The shooting mechanics are rather tight, and the frame-rate stays pretty smooth, even with a alot going happening on the screen. Building structures in real time while in brutal firefights is fun (with the ability to kill groups of enemies by dropping the structure on top of them). The vehicles all control exceptionally as well, whether power-sliding in the jeeps or kicking on the booster and pulling off jet-fighter moves in the hawks, Starhawk is a game that makes every vehicle very functional and necessary.

With that said, the campaign was very flat. I understand that this game was engineered to be a standout multiplayer game, but the single-player side of things could have been a lot better. Every mission was almost identicaly the same. Honestly, the whole campaign seemed like nothing more than a stretched out tutorial. Though it is true that a good game will teach you how to play it, imagine if your dad never let go when he was teaching you to ride without training wheels. That's how I felt about the story. Now, keep in mind I did not play this game on-line due to renting it from GF, and the on-line pass has to be purchased separately. Be that as it may, I felt the ally A.I. was less then smart to say the least, and almost made me want to stop playing within the first couple of missions. Problems such as them shooting you, not getting out of the way of placing structures (and dying when your building lands on them) to not using vehicles when placed in front of them, it is obvious that this game is meant for on-line play.

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GF Rating


Most Replayable Game, out there.

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) May 8, 2012

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Starhawk is a fast-paced, Sci-fi, free-roam, third-person shooter, with a very unique element in game that implements a strategic course of gameplay... You can build your base while fighting against enemy(In game) . This title is truly like no other... As a "Spiritual Successor" of Warhawk, Starhawk... Gives a great Science fiction story with gameplay that makes multiplayer shine like no other game out there.

This is the story of Emmit Graves .
The frontier is in outer space and a new fortune is to be found... A form of everlasting power was found, called Rift Energy. Used as a Currency -- Rift energy is harvested and sold by any person willing to endeavor into these waste lands and strike it rich on this source of power. The only problem is that Rift energy, when a simple person is exposed to it, it can change a human into a fiend of the rift energy... These abominations are called as the Outcasts and Emmit does not mind eradicating them from property owned by frontiersman.
Emmit Graves is a Rift salvager, that will do any job, along with Cutter and their Dropship -- They are hired to help secure property of claims, for frontiersmen. Nothing ever stood in their way.

Great game. Lightbox has done a marvelous job on this game. A very cohesive storyline and a fast-paced multiplayer experience, that can not be matched.
You will want to buy this game, just seeing how the single player runs so seamlessly with the build and battle gameplay.

The game place a very replayable element. Having that one ability to build the layout in the course of battle, in real-time(Instantly) during multiplayer... Gives you the ability to need a different strategy each time; A different enemy base EVERY game.
You have a variety of vehicles; NOTHING flys as agile as a Starhawk; The Sidewinder, a jet bike; a jeep; and a huge tank . With all that and the building ability. This game will be played for a very long time.

There is nothing wrong with this title in anyway.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Concept

posted by Marvalus1 (ADA, MI) Jul 17, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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I may have been able to give a higher rating if I could have tried the multiplayer. That's really why I rented, but, without an access code, you can't try out the online play. Bummer...the single-player mode is ok, but there are so many other better games similar to this.

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