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It was a solid fill-in game until a big one is out

posted by SkaVeNgeR (CHICAGO, IL) Aug 5, 2012

Member since Jan 2005

The game's not bad but it gets repetitive as you continue to play. Due to this being a rental, I didn't get to try the multiplayer which may have helped the rating, but from what I got to play, it's a decent game to play if there are no big games out. Worth the rental, but may not fit your fancy. The story was pretty good, but not good enough to make you really want to know more, the graphics were solid, and overall concept was quite interesting. The game being a strategy/shooter isn't very common, but without a strong plot to give it appeal, it'll lose your interest after a few stages. I gave it a 5.5 out of 10 but rounded it up to 6.

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posted by decaf5152 (SPANAWAY, WA) Jul 16, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

Ok but not great

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posted by StarRaven (LAKE WORTH, FL) Jul 4, 2012

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Member since May 2011

First, yes, I've played Warhawk and while I wasn't expecting to like it, Warhawk was a pleasant surprise and I fell in love with it; devoting a great deal of time before and after Trophies and patches and stat resets.

And while I don't like to compare sequels, especially when they're not directly related, and would rather rate them as the standalone game they are... the fact is, Starhawk just ain't that great.

With Warhawk, I truly did wish it had a single player, especially after there was a psuedo single player bit in one of the DLCs that proved the potential was there. But in Starhawk, the tried to make a single player that was just too ambitious. I'm not sure what their overall intention was, but it seemed like they wanted to make a long, in-depth 3rd person shooter story and the fact is, it doesn't work and the game NEVER needed it.
The story just had to be simple and fun. This game has no charm in it's characters the way Warhawk did. It doesn't carry over that same "look" and artstyle that just made it charming and fun.

The game is dark and bland. Warhawk was bright, colorful and uncluttered.

The futuristic weapons don't feel realistic because you can't relate them to anything. It looks and feels this way because they say so, which is not the same 'feeling' you get when games use realistic weapons. So there's a disconnection, even in the air.

Dropping down buildings and stuff actually ended up being kinda neat, but I don't think the 'strategy' aspect of it was fully fleshed out. It doesn't have that RTS intelligence feel to it that it could have had.

Enemies are lame. They're all glowy and dumb.

I was very disappointed.

Is it made well? Yes. Does it work? For the most part. Fun? Not really. Entertaining? No.

Warhawk II please.

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