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a bad successor

posted by skaterfreak8771 (LAKEWOOD, CA) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

im a huge fan of warhawk but this is pretty bad for one thing the campaign is short and pretty easy even on hard difficulty the multiplayer is also bad in my opinion for one thing the maps feel extremely extremely empty your team has to build every building if you dont theres no buildings at all they ruined the build and battle because now you cant have multiple buildings close to each other the hawks are very overpowered if your on the ground and a hawk attacks you your pretty much dead in terms of unlocks they gave the outfits a major downgrade i hate them and im level 41 the skills are somewhat cool but you can only have one skill active at a time with that said its usually best to unlock the skill you want most and stick with it overall if you liked warhawk like i did your probably going to be disappointed but for someone who hated warhawk you might or might not like this

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GF Rating

Above Average

Okay, not as good as hype

posted by xenomorph856 (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 29, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

This game was great the first few days, and the two player split-screen WITH online capabilities was definitely a plus.

However, with a weak single player you cannot look for re-playability there. The multiplayer was okay.. however you MUST consider the fact that you HAVE to buy a $10.00 pass for online.

Overall though the multiplayer was meh for all the hype. Definitely worth a rent, but after a few weeks it'll feel old.


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GF Rating


Potential Only

posted by wulf90 (LEXINGTON, NE) Oct 14, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

This game has a lot of potential to be very good. Problem is, the single player is far too short, only about 6 long length missions. Wasn't able to try the multiplayer because I don't have the online pass and I didn't want to spend $10 to do so. Honestly, this game I bet would be very good in many respects if it were just longer and no online pass required. A few graphics improvements too.

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