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Movie Description

A mysterious device unearthed in the Egyptian desert has puzzled scientists for decades. Language expert Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) deciphers the device and activates it, unlocking an interstellar portal to a distant planet. Colonel Jack O'Neil (Kurt Russel) leads a team, including Jackson, through the Stargate and into the unknown. The group finds themselves on a distant planet, in an Egyptian-like alien civilization that worships the sun god Ra. Problem is, the Stargate's locked again, and they'll need to figure out how to reopen it. To make matters worse, the aliens are planning to send a bomb through the portal and destroy our planet. Jackson, O'Neil, and their team find themselves trapped, a million light years from home. And who knows how much longer that home will exist...

Specs & Requirements

Length 121

Theatrical Release Date 1994

Subtitles English, Spanish

Screen Format 16:9