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Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force


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Gameplay Controls

Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force

Control Pad Up = Enter Door. Climb Up. Double Tap to Look Up. Grab Climb When Falling. Down = Crouch. Climb Down. Double Tap to Look Down. Double Tap to Release From Climb. Left/Right = Run. Double Tap to Dash.
A Button Jump. Jedi Jump (Press A Button, Then Press A Button Again While Jumping). Long Jump (Double Tap Forward, Then Tap A Button). Roll While Crouched.
B Button Attack (Fire Blaster/Lightsaber Slash). Force Push While Holding the R Button. Jedi Slash (Press and Hold, Then Release).
L Button Deflect Lasers With Lightsaber Equipped. Aim Diagonally Down While Crouching. Aim Diagonally Up While Standing.
R Button Force Modifier. Force Push (Hold R Button, Then Press B Button). Force Speed (Hold R Button, Then Press L Button). Force Heal (Hold R Button, Then Press Control Pad Down). Cancel Force Speed/Force Heal.
Start/Pause Pause
Select Switch Weapons After Luke Gains Lightsaber

Control Pad Up = Swerve Left. Down = Swerve Right. Left = Move Back. Right = Move Forward.
B Button Fire Lasers

Control Pad Up = Accelerate. Down = Decelerate. Left/Right = Rotate Ship.
A Button Fire Missiles (Multiplayer Mode Only).
B Button Fire Lasers
L Button Glide
R Button Boost