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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


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Also on:PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, DS
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GF Rating


Simply Amazing

posted by Zakblue (FOLSOM, CA) Oct 9, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

Another must have in anyones PSP collection, especially if anyone liked God of War. This games graphics are great for the PSP, the gameplay is intense and exhilerating, and the overall Star Wars factor is astonishing. This game delivered what it was supposed to.

The reason why the game recieved a 9 rating from myself was the camera is horrible in the game. There is no way to rotate it yourself, it does it on its in by the way the character is facing. It sometimes moves fast and sometimes extremely slow. There is only the 3rd person perspective so one cannot look around for the hidden items as easily as one should.

The force powers are powerful in this game; whereas in others like Jedi Academy they weren't as powerful. The lightsaber blocking and combat are simple and fast paced. Although there are basically only 2 types of combos (there should have been more,) they become repetative but still fun.

They recycled some levels but for the most part they are new places to play compared to older jedi games, some are shorter than others but still take time to complete. There are bonus levels/games in the PSP version which can be unlocked for multiplayer (ad-hoc mode only, meaning same room.) These bonus games though are really fun though and worth playing. There is a duel mode where one goes through battling different jedi for game extras, another mode where one plays historic fights ie Vader vs Luke in the carbonite chamber, and Order 66 mode where one needs to survive waves of clone troopers.

Overall great game to play, but when you start I suggest using a couple of cheats, which are the 1 million jedi points to increase the first force power levels and all the saber crystals (having all the colors is fun to switch up all the time during the level.)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Best star wars game for psp

posted by googoogee (LEMON GROVE, CA) Oct 2, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

1 word: WOW...The psp verison of the force unleased is excellent...i like this way better than the new gen force unleased...the 360 and ps3 ones are all about graphics...but for the psp you gotta admit..the graphics arn't bad at all....not great but not bad ;) the gameplay is awesome....only in the psp one and another one i think you have historical missions and you get to play as anakin and obi wan from the newest triology...i highly recommened this to everybody and this is a great buy

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GF Rating



posted by Cameron360 (LAKE JACKSON, TX) Sep 22, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

for a psp title, i actually was wanting to play the 360 version, but o'well. The gameplay is great, i got used to the controls fairly quickly. If you get very angry at games sometimes, game isn't exactly for you, simply cuz have to press certain buttons at times so yeah. All in all, its a great game. Looking foward to playing the 360 version.

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