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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


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Very Good

A good game that could have been amazing

posted by Kamakazee (BELLEVUE, WA) Oct 8, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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Overall a decent experience through my first play through. I zipped through it in about 3 days on Default Difficulty (Sith Warrior) with a few minor issues.

The good: Excellent story, nice cut scenes and awesome physics. I really enjoy playing with the force, all through the game. Its definitely the first game i've played that has allowed me to throw soldiers around the maps, Charge up jet engines and throw them into Imperial Storm Troopers face causing them to go flying! The light saber action is pretty good too, similar to games like god of war. Though had it been more fluid like Devil May Cry perhaps, that would have been sweet! Overall I was satisfied. There were a couple of minor issues that made the game fall flat:

1) Odd camera angles sometimes: The camera is
bent on being oddly positioned so that you get clipped from the frame. Happens occasionally when fighting enemies in a narrow hallway.

2) Frustrating Level design: There are 3 points in the game where i cursed at the controller because I fell while performing a combo over the edge of a cliff or bridge only to find out i'd die. Be careful when killing people over edges in this game. I learned to just use the force :)

Other than the above 2 issues I have no problems with the game. Its definitely worth a rent regardless of if you like Star Wars or not. I'm not sure the re playability justifies a $60 dollar purchase to unlock more things. The lack of Co-op or online play of any kind makes the game fall short of a purchase.

Overall a great rent, not worth the buy for long term investment, UNLESS You're obsessed with star wars!

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by lsb1222 (NEWNAN, GA) Apr 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

20 out of 23 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

As one of the millions of Star Wars junkies throughout the world today, I often have wondered what the storyline of the Star Wars saga was like in between movies III and IV. The Force Unleashed allows us to find out exactly what happened, beginning with the final removal of the Jedi race and the true story behind the creation of the Rebel Alliance.

Playing as Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice, you get your first true opportunity to put the power of the Force into your hands, and for me, it felt pretty good. The controls were pretty simple to learn and even some of the more advanced combination moves were simple with a little practice. Getting the opportunity to play half the game as a Sith, then the other half as a Jedi allows for you to see the Star Wars world in its full perspective. The most exciting part is the final set of scenes, where you must choose Starkiller's fate...Jedi or Sith?

As accompanied with just about everything Star Wars is an array of great graphics and excellent music. Just what you would expect in a great Star Wars game.

For those of you who are big on getting achievements, there are about 25-30 that you can get with the first run-through of the game. The add-on DLC also gives the chance to earn up to 9 more new achievements, making for 59 all together. Good for players who are all about the achievements.

All around, this game gets an 8 out of 10. My only down spot is the camera angles, which can make for difficult fighting when the camera gets stuck against a wall or a rock. Outside of that, a great game. When this game was $55-60, I would have said "rental game", but now that this game is down to about $20, I would say this is an "own" game now for anyone who loves the Star Wars saga.


Gameplay: 7
Music: 10
Storyline: 8
Game Difficulty (1=Too Easy, 10=Too Hard): 5
Achievements Difficulty (1=Too Hard/Long, 10=Easy/Quick): 7
Replay Value (1=Low, 10=High): 5
Rent or Own?: Own

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GF Rating


Frustrating At Times

posted by ArmyofBear (DUBLIN, OH) Sep 17, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

64 out of 87 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

But it's overall a good game.

I would advise you not to cheat because it disables your ability to save, which is sad for all cheaters.

Nice graphics, fun levels (mostly), use of buttons for sweet finishers, very customizable, from your costume and lightsaber to your force powers and combos.

levels can be VERY frustrating, objectives are vague, combos can be repetitive, almost everything is explosive for some reason, environment could be more destructible (is really only destructible in first level), and it needs some more force powers. (Like maybe you could assign force powers to buttons, just an idea.)

I would say that this game really isn't worth buying. I would just rent it. It's a pretty decent game, but it gets tedious and you don't really feel motivated to complete the next objective.

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