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What's that current saying about pigs ;)

posted by GFR013 (MERRIFIELD, VA) Sep 18, 2008

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Ok so maybe it's not really a pig with lipstick, but let's be honest, the main thing this game has going for it is the "wrapper". If it had the same controls, graphics and game play without the Star Wars dressing this would be just another hack and slash/platform game that may or may not gain a following. So if you don't care about either of those, you should probably stop reading and find something else to play. If you're into Star Wars but not platform games, it's worth a rental or download the demo from PSN, maybe it will click, maybe it won't but it is Star Wars ;) If you like both of these things then this is obviously for you, so stop reading and rent it already.

If you are still reading I guess it is only fair to tell you more about the game. The layout and controls are pretty much your standard hack and slash, adventure, platform style game. The powers and the combos are fairly straight forward and with the leveling system you can expand on them and customize your character based on which ones you like best. The story has been ok so far, since it is an official release I can only assume it is "canon". Personally though I hate when stories like this are wedged into the existing story line. In my opinion it would have been better to change it a bit and set it before or after the events of the movies.

Unfortunately since it is a platform game that also means it has some of the deficiencies of the genre. There is a "lock-on" feature but locking on to the right thing can be difficult at times. Also, getting the character to face in the right direction (in combat and out) can be problematic too. Some of that is probably just me though as I'm not a huge fan of this genre. Finally, what to do next and how to do it are not always obvious.

Bottom line, it's a Star Wars wrapped platform game so how you feel about those should dictate whether or you spend time playing it. It didn't click for me, but maybe it will for you.

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Star Wars : The Force Unleashed

posted by Twinsnakes (FLOYDS KNOBS, IN) Dec 29, 2008

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In all this game was good. Maybe a 5 out of 10

1: Awesome graphics, and a good storyline(although pretty hoaky at some points)
2: You get to use the force, and of course it is pretty pivotal in the gameplay.
3: In game dialogue is not bad. Did you play Assassin's Creed? Way better than their in game dialogue.

1: The targeting system is terrible. Maybe not the worst, but it will cost you some lives.
2: The game is solid, but I ran into quite a few glitches.
3: You can't be a wookie. Major let down I know.

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Fun! Fun! Fun!

posted by drmark50 (Richfield Springs, NY) Dec 16, 2008

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3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Awesome game! Hard to put down! The title says it all. Using the force is the whole point of the game and you are rewarded the more you do it. The cutscenes and story line are incredible.

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