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Fascinating Story/Graphics Disappointing Controls

posted by airwalkrr (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Feb 2, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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This title promised a lot and delivered a lot but unfortunately fell short of its name. Now I hate to sound mean and unfair to a Star Wars title so let me first explain, as I always do, what the developers did right.

To begin with the animation is nothing short of spectacular. It is bar-none the best Star Wars animation we have ever seen on either PC or console. Facial expressions were realistic and full of emotion. Movement was fluid. Detail was incredible. Physics were quite realistic.

Second, the voice-acting was phenomenal. This is not something I would have expected from a Star Wars title. The only character I felt was a little overplayed was the Emperor (and he's always a little overplayed I suppose). And amazingly as this sounds, I feel the story helps redeem Parts I through III. At the very least it provides a very satisfying and intriguing way to integrate the plots of the two trilogies.

Now to the bad stuff. There were two things that really made this game utterly annoying to play at times. The first was the camera, which was sticky, floppy, and very hard to follow. I spent way too much time putting my camera back into a position where I could actually see my opponents rather than inside a wall.

The second problem was the virtually non-existent targeting system. Note to developers: just because your primary weapon is a melee weapon does not mean your game does not need a good targeting system. This goes hand-in-hand with the camera. I have a feeling if they had just fixed this, few people would have noticed the bad camera.

This game had great potential, but it was just so frustrating for a number of reasons that it didn't need to be, That's why I'm not giving it as high a score as it could have received. It's still a fun title if you have already played most of the good stuff out there though. It's a must if you are a Star Wars fan and want to know what happened between episodes III and IV.

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Force Unleashed. Good or Bad?!

posted by thisNOOB (CARROLLTON, TX) Dec 21, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

8 out of 12 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game starts out beautifully. Solid graphics, fluid mechanics, and a steady frame rate. It goes far beyond the average hack-n-slash and delivers top notch playability, for about an hour.
The same old animations get old, the sounds never really change, and there are several level glitches that ruined the whole experience for me.
Give it a try, but don't buy it until you try it.

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Okay Star Wars game

posted by Nummmnut (GERMANTOWN, TN) Dec 15, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The graphics are nice and the combat is interesting and tries to get you into your character by allowing you to customize their skillset. On the note of customizing your skillset, this was a joke toward the end as you have enough points to almost have every combo, etc. The cut-away scenes were nice but had that annoying jitter effect of a game that is taxing a system, which is highly annoying as it makes you feel that your console is a piece of junk.

Most annoying thing in the game was jumping and the turning camera was way too slow.

Worth playing at least once but beware you will most likely beat it in 1-2 days but there is a lot of bonus missions, so look out for them.

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