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Better Than Average SW Title, but Still Average

posted by czimmerman (HALIFAX, PA) Sep 21, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

Now I'll admit, I didn't play through the whole game, I played to the fourth level, but I found the game to be very repetitive. When speaking with a friend about the game, he mentioned that most games are like that (kind of true), but the story keeps you into it.

The best way to describe Force Unleashed is that if you are a Star Wars mark, to give it a shot because you'll love it. If you love beat 'em up games, but aren't a huge Star Wars fan (like myself), then maybe rent it. To me, most beat 'em ups are the best when they are co-op, and with this being a single player game, you can give it a shot if you are looking for something fast and easy.

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posted by SASUKE345 (Monmouth Junction, NJ) Sep 21, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

This game is great and a lot of fun, there is so much you can do, there is a lot of powers that the characters can use every character has different powers. When you finish a story mode with one character and when you start a new story mode with a different character the story mode is a little different. You should really rent it and play it, because its really AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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posted by Angelus495 (WHITE PLAINS, MD) Sep 21, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

I just beat the game on my PS3 and let me tell you: This game is victim of a stupid media hype snowball that began with the name itself. The title alone, and all the hype frenzy that it was created when the game was in production won't allow critics to see it for what it's really worth: The first Star Wars Game in history that is actually good. The story is amazing and the game is incredibly FUN. The style of the movements when you swing your lightsaber is faithfull to the movies and incredibly rewarding. The graphics are awesome, the cutscenes, Hollywood grade and it's the first star wars game that lets you do what you always wanted to do. Kick a. s. s. through the star wars universe using your lightsaber and using the force. So stop whining about the game being called the force unleashed and not delivering the "unleashness" you wanted. Pretend it's called episode 3.5, who cares! This media campaign of demeriting the game because it didn't deliver what the title promessed is moronic. So what if you were promessed cheesecake and were given steak instead. Get over with it already! Is it cheesecake? no, but you bet it's the most delicious steak I've ever had and it's the game I've waited for almost 20 years for somebody to make. It's finally here so who cares about the title?

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