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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


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The Force on the loose

posted by Weeble (TACOMA, WA) Sep 23, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

Except for a couple monumental moments the force is a kind of on a medium length leash. For the most part though use of the force is greatly encouraged throughout the game from clever battle segments to simple puzzles. However other than bringing down a star destroyer through some tedious stick movements, the best uses of the force is relegated to mini games of single button timing presses that lead to a cut scene displaying the force being used in spectacular ways. I would have enjoyed more hands on with these moments where the force is truly unleashed, but no, that's not allowed. Its a complaint that comes with its own reasoning to let it go as you do get to throw troopers, and various aliens around like rag dolls, and light them up with force lightening, or crush while suspended above you. It is a great delight to toss someone or thing a great distance, or into other threats near by. The use of light saber throw comes too late in the game to allow you any time to really bond with this cool ability.

Aiming is often clouded by poor mechanics that more often than not put you in a position where your intended target suddenly becomes substituted for a box or plant of some kind in the most inconvenient battle moments. This caused many unnecessary deaths and restarts. The aiming mechanic however incredibly flawed is really the only other thing that makes the game frustrating.

Level design is fairly dull, however nicely drawn. And the game overall is really short and hardly worth the $60. price tag unless you have to play through again and again, but I don't see why anyone would want to. The ending is somewhat surprising but anyone who knows anything about Star Wars will see it coming from a galaxy far far away.

The story is mediocre at best, and really could have been fleshed out more to make for a great substitute for the missing years between episode 3&4. All in all epic battles, fun force powers, and sort of a missing episode, its pretty good fun.

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the new star wars game

posted by amcwashguy (PUYALLUP, WA) Sep 23, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

well this is the new star wars game on playstation 3 the force unleashed was really excited for it to come out got it in mail from gamefly put it in playstation 3 hi def of course and started playing was like not bad then just got too complecated and the buttons are too touche and they dont really explain how to do the moves for the characters i would rent it first not buy it good luck and happy gamein all i am ready for the new silent hill game myself

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Do not buy! A must rent though! 10 hours of fun!

posted by vahdyx (WESTMINSTER, CO) Sep 22, 2008

Member since Sep 2005

I just want to say, it's a great game, but $60 for 10 hours of fun isn't worth the money! But renting it is a must! I recommend this game to all action fans and starwars fans! If you have money to burn, go ahead and buy it, but if you're on a budget or have money morals, rent it. Either way you won't be disappointed!

I was really hoping to get this game through gamefly, but it's low availability. So my buddy couldn't wait and he ended up buying it.

With that being said, after we first put the game in we were excited. Minus the Cutscenes we were impressed. Cut scenes looked worse than the game! Graphically and Sound and all around presentation.

Our initial thought was the game was very in depth due to the leveling system and such. We both assumed this game will give us gaming pleasure for days to come.

Well 8 hours into the game we both realized we were on the last level. 2 hours later we beat it. I won't go into details, but it was great.

All in all, it's an awesome game. Actiony, great story, fun to play! I believe most of this planet will enjoy it!

There are a bunch of glitches though, but keep an open mind and you'll have fun!

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