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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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The Force is sort of with this game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 28, 2010

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I wonder - how do you put a leash on the Force?
Anyways, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II is a much simpler version of the original; it’s easier to find the controls for the special Force powers (push, lightning, hold, and so on)
The story mode picks up not too long after the last one ended. Starkiller’s clone is activated so Lord Vader can use him as the apprentice.
However, Starkiller breaks free from the dark lord and goes off on a journey of self discovery - and blasting vast platoons of Stormtroopers and other Empire troops.
Along the way, you’ll have to solve puzzles using Force Sight (to move switches from one side to the other), open doors, move platforms, blast open walls and floors
But mostly you’ll be slicing up those Empire troops, which don’t consist of many different types of soldiers: you have the Stormtrooper, a guy with a lance, an invisible guy, midget fighters, a large two legged machine, and a large humanoid robot with a shield and a flaming gun.
I would’ve liked to see more variety in the enemies; I was turned off when the end of some sections consisted of nothing more than me beating back wave after wave of these few enemy types.
And the fighting consists mostly of mashing that A button; there’s little reason to utilize the other moves the game can give you - or why you should level up in those moves with points you get beating up the Empire army.
Another problem I had with this game is the camera that kept moving to exactly the spot I didn’t want it to go to - a huge problem when fighting one or more of those big enemies.
All in all, the story mode will last about four and a half hours (some of you can do it in less time). It’s a good length, but not enough for that $50 price tag.
Also included in this package is a multi player game where up to four players can fight each other with characters from the game. It’s okay.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II gives great fun, but it’s too short and repetitive for $50. RENT IT

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Not as good as the 1st one.

posted by Germany88 (VENTURA, CA) Nov 12, 2010

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Arent follow up games suppose to be better then the one b4 it? This one sure as heck isnt!!!
The thing that the bothered me the most is the boss fights. The 1st ones were fun and complex, in part 2 its a couple easy shakes of the controller and you win.
Secondly no improvement in graphics IMO they are even worse.
The thirdly other then one extra saber they didnt really add any new force tricks except mind trick and force rage.
Fourth some of the jump moves from area to area are near imposable and the fights are way too easy.
Last but not least the cheats are impossible to obtain. If I ran into a part I got stuck on I can boost up my saber and then turn it off after.
Ok do rent but Id never buy it.

PS I dont want to ruin it but the ending is lame.

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Really Bad

the first is better

posted by DreamJedi1 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 14, 2010

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i love the fact that this starkiller is funny that he talks while your playing but the game controls are complicated and the first is way better plus this one doesnt make sense in the end of the first one either starkiller is killed by the emperor or is turned into the sith stalker,and at the end of the second one starkillers clone dies from the original starkiller but how does that make any sense?????? and the orig starkiller just blows off juno he loves her !!!!!!!!! and it doesnt mach with the orig story

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