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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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Very Good

it`s okay but kinda dull

posted by bobmarley (LORENZO, TX) Dec 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

it`s cool and all but I they did better in starwars battlefront by 4 stars and it was made in 2004. it puts you far away from the actual player. Galen Marek (Starkiller) isn`t even as good as the first one. you don`t do as much with the force like in the force unleashed 1 . don`t get me wrong though it makes number 3 in my favorite video game list.

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GF Rating


Can Red Fly studios right the Force on Round II?

posted by Shadowolf5 (HAILEY, ID) Dec 4, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

Throught the majority of this game, about 6 hours I was extremely conflicted. They basically took everything except SOME of the characters and tossed it out. The game takes place after the events of Force Unleashed 1. The game starts with Lord Vader testing ur abilities he claims you are a clone and asking how the flashbacks are coming a cloning defect. The action starts when Vader asks u to kill Juno a Proxy unit. When u aren't able to force urself to do it, he claims u are another of many failures and tries to kill u. On the run, u are on a quest to find and save the real Juno Eclipse, bring the Rebel Alliance back to its former glory, and find if u are truly a clone or the real Starkiller, Master Kota claims it can't be done. The immediate change u will notice between the 2 games if you played the first is that, one, u know wield 2 lightsabers, and two, you know use your lightsabers with the A button. While I was dissapointed that u no longer swung the Wiimote, I suppose it is to be suspected, as u can't swing the nunchuck and Wiimote simultaniosly and keep the experience. u may also notice that the movie graphics have been seriously upgraded, but the gameplay graphics have gone down. You couldn't have done it the opposite way Red Fly? An upgrade is that most force powers are know controlled by buttons and motions, but this makes them hard to use in combat while slamming on the A button. Another dissapointment is that u no longer use the Rouge Shadow as ur base, thus the only way to upgrade ur force powers and lightsabers is in the middle of the game through the pause menu. Also, the interactive cutscenes have excluded the nunchuck and have become extremely predictable. Another downfall is the multiplayer, which has been trasformed to a 2D format, though if u move up, u can still fall off the platform. The charcters and crystals are know hard to find and limited compared to the first. Finally, the crapy ending made me me decide that the first WAS BETTEr. DON'TBUY

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GF Rating

Above Average

Star wars unleashed 2

posted by 1eminemfan (GALION, OH) Nov 30, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

The game was fun but I couldn't get past a part in the game. The graphics are a little blurry. The game is easy to understand. I think people should play Star wars. This game is for anybody. You can be any age to play this game.

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