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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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Shockingly solid; a great companion to the HD one

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Oct 29, 2010

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TFU2 is a pretty effective Wii action game. Its very well polished, uses the Wii remote in great ways (FAR better than the last TFU Wii game), and is faithful to the story and gameplay of TFU2 on PS3. It may not be very smart, or require much skill, but its just as fun as any other version of the Force Unleashed II.

The basic gameplay initially seems cut down. The tutorial only covers a fraction of the abilities Starkiller can pull off, and the combat comes off as mundane. But the game keeps throwing new abilities, and enemies, into the design and mixes things up all the way until the end.

The level designs lack pizazz as well, although they're actually better than those in the HD versions. They're still pretty bland, but at least they mix it up more than just repeating the same bridges and rooms ad nauseum. Overall, its less monotonous than the HD game, but only barely. And it "makes up" for that small victory by lacking any wow moments, unlike the HD version. The core game here is strong and polished, but it never aspires to do anything memorable.

The force powers are very smartly implemented in this one. Combat has been moved to the A button, and as you fight, your combo meter will charge up. Waggling the remote with some juice in that thing will pull off power moves, so the flow of the basic combat is almost like a messy No More Heroes. Tap the A button and waggle to put a punctuation mark on a fight.

The force lightning is on nunchuk waggle when you hold Z, and just plain waggling it will force push people - which is very responsive and tactile. Holding C and pointing at the screen will let you force grab objects, and since its on the pointer, it's easier - and faster - to float things around than in the HD game. Unfortunately, the camera kinda sucks, and is only rotatable via the '-' and '+' buttons. But this isn't the kind of combat that requires the finesse to constantly see your opponent.

Overall, its really fun, and very solid. Not amazing tho.

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Great Follow Up

posted by GameFlyUser1 (ARABI, LA) Feb 21, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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Dispite what some people may say, besides a little slack on graphics and a change up on the controls, this is a great game. Picking up right where you left off in the previous game you begin your journey. This time there are every more force skills such as force sight...The lightsaber combos are longer, better and deffinitly cooler. There's lots of combination attacks that allow you to defeat more than one enemy at once. This game is a must play.

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Doesn't Hold Up to the Original

posted by lemonball (CHARLESTON, SC) Dec 12, 2010

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I was a big fan of the original Force Unleashed, so I had high expectations for this game. It turns out that although the game is not bad, it certainly could have been better.

-Good combat system
-Decent graphics
-Good boss battles
-Pretty good AI

-Easy, short
-Great characters like Juno and PROXY aren't up in the front anymore, disappointingly
-Story wasn't the best and was difficult to follow at a few points

It's good, but as the title of this review states, it doesn't hold up to the original's greatness.

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