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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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boring and tedious!

posted by bartoekevin (STOCKTON, CA) Sep 2, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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I wanted so much more from this one. I was barely able to play it an hour or two before i sent it back. The original had me caring about the characters enough to finish the game, this one however not so much. dont bother even renting. So not worth the waste of a week to get it, not like it, send it back and wait for the next game on your Q.

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The force unleashed 1.5?????

posted by WeTigers (CRESCENT CITY, CA) Nov 6, 2010

Member since May 2009

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I will start off by talking about what is good in this game. The combat and force grip. Both have been improved from the first game. Now the bad. This game was very short (4 hours maybe 5). The story was terrible and thrown together. This game should have been a 20 dollar add on to the first game. Thanks George Lucas for the rip-off!!! Still see huge potential for a third game if they actually put a story together, and maybe give us more than 5 different enemies to fight thru the whole game. The last battle with Vader was boring and uninspired. As a huge Star Wars fan I was very very disappointed with this game. Was glad to see the credits roll.

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Awesomness Unleashed!!!

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Oct 26, 2010

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So, after a long wait, its finally here. The sequel to the best, (yet flawed) Star Wars game of all time. And, its even better. The game kicks butt in so many ways. The combat is insanely cool and fun, (but some might call it repetitive, I find at AWESOME!!) the new targeting system works very well, mind trick is awesome as are all the other new powers; and, THERE'S DISMEMBERMENT!!! Nothing's as awesome like a flying head and arms coming from a burning corpse of an ever so unfortunate storm trooper. Star Wars fans owe it to themselves to experience the power of a true, all powerful Jedi. With plenty of cameos from the Star Wars Universe, this game is really magnificent. But still unfortunately flawed. The story is good, but not ground-breaking like the firsts, its almost a violently epic love story, with tons of violence. But it works, because you can feel the Starkiller's emotion and love towards Juno Eclipse, his love from the 1st game. There are still a few minor glitches and weird happenings like the 1st one, but they're not bad enough that it ruins the game. And I really missed the camera button where you could watch your enemies go flying once you hurled them somewhere. I missed that and was sad to see it gone.

Pros: Amazing graphics, some of the best this year. Fantastic voice-acting, sick gameplay, dismemberment is DA-BOMB! Great characters, crazy epic boss fights, insane powers and combos. A real Star War's nerd spasm waiting to happen. Great cameos and finishers.

Cons: The story doesn't do anything spectacular, minor glitches, and there's only 1 finishing move for each big enemy. The game is short and the finishing camera is missed.

Although the game is quite short, (You could easily beat it one two days if not one full day of playing) the pros outshine the cons for me. But I might be a bit biased because I'll buy almost anything with Star Wars on it. But its at least a rent for sure. And fans of Star Wars owe it to themselves to get this game some time

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