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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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Pretty much the same game as the first one...

posted by HardBoiled (TARZANA, CA) Nov 1, 2010

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If you enjoyed the first Force Unleashed game, then you will like this one.....for about an 1 hour. It's basically the same game, but with a different story and slightly better graphics. The story is not much to brag about. Graphics are nice and the sound is distinctly Star Wars. However, the gameplay has not changed much this time around, which is a shame because the action, though plentiful, is repeated over and over again. You take the down all the enemies in pretty much the same fashion. The levels are pretty to look at, but seemed like they were designed by a 5th grader. Jump to platform A, continue down the bridge, jump to platform B, etc, etc, etc. This time around you have dual lighsabers and this adds a bit of flair to your attacks, but get old very quick. Your force powers are the same as the last game with the addition of Jedi mind trick, which is only useful when you need it to be. Don't count on using this power to much. It would have been better to allow us different kinds of lighsabers, like the Darth Maul double edge one, or even allow us different fighting styles with different lightsabers. This would at least mix up the action a little. Again all enemies can be taken down with the same combinations, it's really pathetic. Thankfully the game is short.

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Above Average

And i was complaning GOW 3 was short!

posted by KMA2k10 (RIVERSIDE, CA) Nov 1, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The funniest thing about this whole experience was I took a break from playing new vegas (becuase i was getting tired of bugs) only to run into this game which had just as many problems as new vegas! Spefically the part of the game in the hanger (thats not a spoiler dont worry, I would kill someone only to have them float in mid air then i had storm troopers run at me shooting at me while they were floating 30 feet in the air. Normall haha funny but the game wouldnt progress until you killed everyone, i litteraly had to do a force explosion to get all the enemys into one area & the area is huge. This took me 45 minutes by far the longest part of the game.

-It looked nice
-gameplay was still fun, when it wasnt freezing or glitchy

-Bugs bugs bugs
-Absolutely whatsoever no story, you could have summed up the "story" in two sentinces.
-The game lasted just over 4 hours
-No new "moves" same ol same ol
-Game seems unfinished, seemed like they were just preparing for DLC's of this game to me.

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Way to short

posted by ccw1982 (ALLEN, TX) Nov 1, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

Awesome game, just like the first, but was by far one of the shortest games i've beat in a while which is why i scored it a 7. I would say a good 8 hours of gameplay (tops) and you'll have this one more reason to remind me of why i'm glad i use gamefly over buying these games new. I would otherwise be livid had i paid $60 for something that took me a weekend of casual gameplay to beat.

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