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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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star wars the force not so unleashed

posted by shruber (RIO RANCHO, NM) Oct 29, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

I've been looking forward to this game since the first one i loved the first one and beat it several times and i was expecting much the same with this one. when the XBL demo came out i wasn't expecting it to let you play through like half of the game. basically you get three attacks that it expects you to use over and over again. the variety of enemies isn't very good either there are enemies that attack you with sticks and lightsabers and enemies that are so easy to kill its almost not worth it. when you finally get into a fight with an ATST its not even a challenge you expect the giant walking robot to be somewhat of a challenge or at least fun to kill but in the end all you do is wack it a few times and then do the boring execution. one of the things i was most disapointed with was the boss fights in the first game there were several epic boss battles that involved beating the lights out of other jedi in this one there are only 3 boss battles. the gunship battle that is stupid and doesn't belong in the game. the gorog battle which is boring due to the fact that the gorog only used 3 attacks the entire time. and finally the vader battle, all you do is beat the living tar out of vader for twenty minutes praying that the game doesn't glitch out during one of the buttion masher scenes and make you fall off the edge so you have to start over. which brings us to the ending of the game i watched the end and wanted to punch my tv in the face. in summation the force unleashed 2 felt like a lazy unfinished project that dims in comarison to the first i don't think any amount of dlc could fix the length of the game and if it can its not fair that the players who paid for the game should have to pay for an extra forty dollars of dlc just to make the game feel like it was actually a fair sized game hopefully the force unleashed series will be laid to rest before it destroys the star wars story line.

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GF Rating


Great gameplay, but too short.....

posted by Elusive (DELAVAN, WI) Oct 28, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

The gameplay is fantastic and the graphics are also great. There are like 8 powers that you can upgrade your character through killing, destroying the environment, and finding cube holograms. Can interchange different lightsabers that you can find throughout the game, which offer different perks to benefit your player.
The Good
Graphics are great.
Upgrading character abilities, different lightsaber abilities, and outfits
Gameplay is solid, bosses are challenging
The Bad
Enemies can get repetitive, once they introduce a new enemy it is a guarantee that you will see it over and over again
Got the game yesterday and beat it today, it took less than 6 hours on hard.
Only reason it takes that long is because of cut sceens and bosses that you have to kill two to three times, which becomes frustrating and annoying.
Campaign is way too short, the game should be at least double the length. The only thing that is offered other than the super short campaign is 10 lame challenges where you can earn medals, I could not see myself spending much time on some boring challenges.
Campaign is very dull and boring, and the story line is horrible basically the whole time you are chasing after some girl.
Graphics 9/10- Did not see any visual flaws that hindered the gameplay.
Gameplay 9/10- Once you get the controls down, doing combos and force powers are awesome
Campaign 2/10- this is basically because the story was uninteresting and the campaign was way too short
Recommend the rent because it is a lot of fun to play, but it would not make much sense to purchase unless they come out with a bunch of add-on content, then a special edition would be worth the cost.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game, really short...

posted by Bnome91 (ORLANDO, FL) Oct 28, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Its a really great game with a great story, the only downside is that you can beat it in maybe less than 6 hours, maybe 8+ hours if you are going to be getting all the challenges done which unlock more to the cinematics and new costumes.

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