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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Oct 28, 2010

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This sequel felt like an extension of the first, more than a new game in itself. You play as Starkiller's "clone" and are out for vengeance to take down Vader, with the help of the Rebellion and some Jedi. You are bound to find your love, Juno, and you are basically on a hunt to find her and take down Vader. If you liked the first game, basically you need to check this out.

Melting through storm troopers at record rates is still a blast, and the ridiculous powers you have make it all the better. You can crush TIE fighters mid flight with death grip, and rip through enemy AT-MTs with some sweet combo cut scenes. The death choke and ability to play mind tricks adds some humor, making a helpless trooper either jump to his death or shoot his team mates. The symphony soundtrack is nothing short of the cornerstone of what a Star Wars movie sounds like. Epic scenery is also a trademark, and this game does not disappoint on the graphics department. Challenge modes provided some added difficulty and replay value. Easy to unlock achievements.

I found the campaign to be short once again, and was hoping for way more action with new force powers and sick dual saber combos..but was let down HARD. I could've thought of 1000 cooler ways to use dual sabers (which don't add anything to the gameplay FYI). Even though the force powers were the same, the upgrades just breathed horsepower.

Surprisingly, the story is empty and forgettable; not something you normally get from LucasArts. You also spend 95% of the game on rainy, dark, and cloudy Kamino. This is the cloning planet we all know from the 2nd movie. In the 1st, we were taken to Kashyyk and like 4 other colorful and unique planets with their own different enemies and life forms. Kamino looks like the machine world from the Matrix. Redundant finishing moves and jumping/targeting enemies are still very awkward. Aside from that, it's still a must rent.

Milt Drucker- gamertag

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Good but not Great

posted by Gog535 (AKRON, OH) Nov 5, 2011

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This game was a pretty good game. The gameplay was the best part and they really upgraded the graphics from the first one too. The story and length of the game on the other hand or want brings this game down. It is pretty short and ( at least in my opion ) the story sucked. Also the final boss was a huge letdown. Fortunetly there is more to do after you beat the game. You can replay each level individually with all your current upgrades to search for collectibles or get achievements. There is a challenge mode with varying vhallenges and diffuculties. If you really like the game there is even dlc avaible for only 80 microsoftpoints. This dlc isn't some stupid little thing. It comes with three whole new levels and a different story. Really I only liked the gameplay and lightsaber customazation and everything was a a dissapointment. But the it was still fun to play through. Definitely not a buy but a good rent.

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This is just lazy

posted by AndrewJ (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Oct 30, 2010

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This game will be a lot of fun for you if you liked the first one. They made some moderate improvements but overall it's more of the same.

My real complaint is that the apparent lack of work that went into the development of this game. It is WAY TOO SHORT. When I was on the last level, I was thinking that it had an "end of the game" feel but I was in disbelief. I could not believe that the game could be this short. But it was. The story also had the potential to be good but was very one dimensional and predictable primarily because it had to be due to the length of the game. Finally, there were very few environments and one was even used twice. Each environment had several levels within it but I mean come on Lucasarts, this is just lazy. At the end I just felt cheated. I had hoped for more
which is the same thing that happened with the first one. I thought that I knew what to expect this time around. At least the first one had a decent story.

Overall I had fun playing it but it is a renter. Had I paid $60 for this game I might have thrown the controller. I give it a 7 if you are a Star Wars fan because it's still fun to play and it's Star Wars.

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