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The Force is definitely not with this game.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 29, 2009

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is a stand alone story in the Star Wars: Clone Wars series on the Cartoon Network (could’ve guessed that, could you?)
I could get into that stand alone script, but it’s too long, complicated and (for me) not very interesting. It’s the Jedi and the clones taking on the droid army in one massive battle after another.
Fighting with the JedI is nothing more than run up to the enemy, mash the B button and repeat until you get to the end of the level.
Fighting with the Clones is much more fun. There’s some great run and gun action on display here, and this is the high point of the game.
But any chance this game has of being good are ruined by the jumping mechanism for the Jedi. The idea is you point the thumbstick in the direction where you want to jump and the game should automatically get you onto the ledge or really tiny floating platform in that direction (when I say very small, I mean only one person at a time on these floating platforms.)
But what the game gave me was much worse; sometimes the Jedi would jump in the opposite direction and many, many times the Jedi would miss the jump entirely and fall to his/her death.
Adding to the aggravation is the sloppily implemented option to control droids; jump twice onto the droid and stick the light saber in it to take control of it. Sounds like fun until I tried it. Jumping on the droid was okay, but when I tried to take control of it, the game would have me destroy that droid far too many times. I want to use it not destroy it!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot one last thing: the stationery camera. Why do they do this? It makes jumps harder in some areas, and in several levels, it cuts off the proper route to the next part of the level.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is only for the die hard fans of the Cartoon Network show, and even they might hate the camera and jumping mechanisms. SKIP IT,

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Okay game but horrible graphics!!

posted by smitty1971 (LOUISVILLE, OH) Oct 10, 2009

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It's a fun game especially if you watch the series. You can play as jedi's and clones both, each with different moves, etc.

But......... I don't even think the graphics are on par with a Super Nintendo !!! wow are they bad. Makes controlling the characters extremely tough... especially jumping !

This is a rental at best.

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Failed to meet my already low expectations!

posted by Rook1074 (INMAN, SC) Jan 10, 2010

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Terrible fixed camera perspective making even the simple stuff difficult. Awful control scheme! I saw that this game was rated poorly but gave it a shot anyway. Not everyone is crazy about the clone wars animated series. Those who Rated this game before me were way too generouse! Complete waste of time. Just another game thrown together to capitolize on a franchise.

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