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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels


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Ok what is wrong with everybody??!?

posted by airbender14 (DUBOIS, WY) Mar 9, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

well this game is really fun with good graphics and a fun fighting set.First of dont listen to the bad reviews,if they say the campaign is to short its because you have to do the challenges to unlock the other charecters and get thier super awesome alternate costumes.Secondly,if they say the fighting is wrong well not put them down but thier just plain wrong!Although every star wars fan would absoulty fall in love with a game were they could use thier very own lightsaber and wield it thier own way,that is not the case here.What you have to do is straghtatly move your wiimote in the right direction to execute a cool combo to knock your opponet out of the ring (some arenas dont have that opititon)and eventually use a super charged combo to destroy your opponet and win the 2 out of 3 battles.And finally 3rd,if people complain that thier are not enough charecthers they forgot to mention that you have to unlock all of them,learn thier combos,and do a battle mode and a challenge mode to beat the game and like i said earlier,unlock all of the alternate costumes and arenas.Overall this game is super fun and challenging and if your reading this and have already read the others and thought to yourself "wow this game must stink wors then my feet"dont beleive it,those guys just like to complain.this one is a for SURE rent and buy have fun,airbrnder14 >:)

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Not me

posted by Shtoop (JACKSON, MI) Apr 23, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Im not really into the whole 1 on 1, faceoff style games but with this being a volume of the Starwars game library, I thought Id try it. I quickly remembered why I dont rent these games.

My kids and I threw down a few hrs of playing time when we 1st got it but slowly lost interest. My 5yo was the last one playing and once he shut it off it sat there for a week and wasnt touched again.

Decent reaction time for the controls, mediocre graphics and no substantial goal to work toward. Keep in mind tho, my family has never been into this type of game so it may be better for those who are.

Good luck

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Above Average

good game but not long enouph

posted by starwarsma (SEBASTOPOL, CA) Oct 19, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

star wars the clone wars lightsaber duels was a great game but it was WAY TOO SHORT!!!!!!!! I beat it in 2 days. the multiplayer is awesome, but the campaign mode sucks

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