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Fun with young kids

posted by Cliffii (OCOEE, FL) Jan 13, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

My kids (ages 6 and 4) love the Star Wars movies and the weekly Clone Wars show. This game is right up their alley and gives them a chance to "be" the various characters they see on TV. "Free Play" is suitable for them to duel, but I have to play the more difficult "campaign" mode to unlock more characters for them. Despite the "Teen" rating the violence is minimal and less than you see on the weekly show or in the movies. If your kids (or you) enjoy the show, you'll probably enjoy this one to rent.

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Let down even after I said I was not going to

posted by Slick540T (HAMPTON, GA) Dec 31, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

Well first off I am a huge fan of Star Wars so right off I wanted to try this game. I was very excited that this was on Wii seeing how the movement on the Wii Remote was used.

I read reviews first before renting. Many of them said the same thing and I found myself defending the game that I have not even tried yet. I blamed the people for being to cry baby like about how the game play was with the Wii. Everyone complained on how poor the movement was and was let down.

So with that in mind I went ahead and rented anyways.I was on a mission to play this game for one I enjoy Star Wars and second the use of the Wii remote. I got home and found the game waiting to be played. I was ready to see what it had and submerge myself into some serious dueling.

I started the tutorial on basic movements. I mean how hard could it be. Everyone else just was swinging wildly and not taking time to do it right. The Light saber did move in my directions left, right, up , down. Not exact but no biggie.

I got through that part and started with the missions. Besides the basic movement they have combo attacks you can do. It is just a series of attacks and if done right does an extra flashy powerful move. This is where I started getting aggravated. I mean not hard to do, I was able to do these after a few tries. But when you mess up and try over and over it gets annoying.

As in the movies the duels were fast flashy and exciting. The duels on the Wii remote was stupid. It did look cool watching it work when it did but to move the remote up down left right was so unatural and annoying it removed any fun from the game. To make the combos work your arm about has to be fully extended and you moved pretty much in a plus ( + ) sign movement. Now who in the world fights like that. I did not expect it to be dead on to way the Wii remote was moved but this was so way off they might as well just let you tap buttons instead of move the Wii remote.
Now my son loved it, Me it made my arm hurt & annoyed

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star hardness clone clumsiness

posted by mragent (PIEDMONT, CA) Dec 24, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

The first time you play this game you get really sweaty. The second time you play with a friend. And have epic battles.[Not!] your friend asks how do you play this game. Then you say you wield your Wii remote duhhhhhhhh. Then you're like haven't you seen the ads were they say:wield your light saber like never before. You will also have epic battles! And we're having no epic battles. Then your friend says, well we haven't even started the game yet. But I'm really bored. Your friend asks do you have the force unleashed? Which I don't have. But I recommend it. In star wars the clone wars light saber duels for the wii I recommend it and the characters are really hard to unlock. The newest character I unlocked was Kit Fisto. I really want Mace Windu and Plo Koon. Well, I think that's all I have to say about this game, bye!

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