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Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

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Gameplay Controls

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Control Stick Steering of your ship
Control Pad Use to communicate with allies and wingmates. Form on my wing (up)/Different attack comands depending on mission (left/right)/Tell your Wingmates to flee (down)/Ask R2 to heal ship (when available)
A Button Fire Primary Weapon/Fire Continually (hold)
B Button Fire Secondary Weapon/Fire Ion Cannon When Available (hold and release)
X Button Chase Camera, Cockpit View Toggle
Y Button Targeting computer (hold)
Z Button Roll Ship (with Control Stick left/right)
L Button Press to slow the speed of your craft. Press and click while turning to make a tighter quick turn.
R Button Increase Ship's Speed/Close ship's S-foil wings (X-Wing or B-Wing only) (press and click)
C Stick If in cockpit mode, use the C-stick to look around the cockpit. If the targeting computer is called up, this button will allow you to target specific ships (only useful if you have the Advanced Targeting Computer Upgrade). In the default camera view, the C-Stick can be used to move the camera.
Start/Pause Pause game and bring up Mission Objectives and game options
Combo #1 Tight Turn: Press and click the Right and Left Buttons while turning.