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Star Wars: Republic Commando

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Gameplay Controls

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Directional Pad Squad Commands While Holding A Button: Up = Secure Area. Down = Cancel Maneuver. Left = Search and Destroy. Right = Form Up. Switch Weapons: Up = Blaster Rifle. Down = Secondary Weapon. Left = Anti-Armor Attachment. Right = Sniper Attachment.
Left Thumbstick Move/Strafe. Click to Crouch.
Right Thumbstick Aim Camera. Click to Zoom.
A Button Use. Activate. Pick-up.
B Button Melee Attack
X Button Reload
Y Button Jump
White Button Cycle Visor Mode
Black Button Cycle Detonator Types
Left Trigger Throw Detonator
Right Trigger Fire Weapon
Start Pause
Back Show Objective Text. Show Multiplayer Scores.