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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance


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Gameplay Controls

Star Wars: Lethal Alliance

Stylus Controls Select Weapon. Active Zeeo Hints. Switch To Zeeo. Call Zeeo For Help.
Control Pad Move. Strafe (When Locked).
A Button Dodge. Roll.
B Button Thorn Of Ryloth (Close Combat). Primary Fire. Secondary Fire (Hold). Stun Move (Press Three Times). Complete Combo Instant Kill (Press Four Times).
X Button Zeeo Attack. Interact With Zeeo.
Y Button Zeeo Defense
L Button Rotate View Left. Switch Target (When Locked).
R Button Rotate View Right. Switch (When Target Locked).
Start/Pause Menu. Select = Mission Data.
Combo #1 L Button + R Button = Reset Camera To Initial Position. Lock/Unlock Target.

Stylus Controls Control View. Switch To Rianna. Interaction For Slice.
Control Pad Control Direction
A Button Strafe Right
B Button Move Backward
X Button Move Forward
Y Button Strafe Left
L Button Shock
R Button Shock
Start/Pause Menu. Select = Mission Data.