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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Control camera

Press Start to pause your game. Press L or R to scroll until the "Messages" screen appears. Press X, Left, A, X. The text "Punch it Chewie" will appear as the last line in the "Messages" screen to confirm correct code entry. Press Start to resume game play, then click the Right Analog-stick to free the camera. Use the Right Analog-stick to aim the camera, then use the Left Analog-stick to move in that direction. You can pass through walls, doors, and other obstacles, and move back far enough to see entire areas.

Get the alternate ending sequence

Reach the final battle with Darth Malak, but do not open the door yet. Push L + R on controllers one and four.

Change voice pitch

Press and hold Black or White on controller four while playing the game to increase or decrease the pitch of the voice dialogue.

Bastila's underwear

Equip Dark robes on Bastila. Remove them to see new underwear.

Keep Sandpeople Robes

After obtaining the Sandpeople Robes, transfer it to another person in your party and equip it just before the end of that quest.

Hidden level up

On the first level, when you just get out of the fight with the Dark Sith, he gives you a key. It is to the cargo room on your speeder. When you get inside that cargo room, go behind the lightsabers to find a level up.

Dantooine Master Zhar's first test 5

Question#5: There is no death...Anwser#5: There is the Force.

Custom underwear

When you go completely to the Light or Dark side, your character will get custom underwear emblazoned with the Light side or Dark side logo. By unequipping any armor your character is using, you can see your custom Force underwear.

Dantooine Star Map Room

The dead Jedi in the Star Map room has a Sigil Force crystal in his inventory.

Dantooine Master Zhar's first test 1

Question#1: There is no emotion...Anwser#1: There is peace.

Dantooine Master Zhar's first test 2

Question#2: There is no ignorance...Anwser#2: There is knowledge.

Dantooine Master Zhar's first test 3

Question#3: There is no passion...Anwser#3: There is serenity.

Dantooine Master Zhar's first test 4

Question#4: There is no chaos...Anwser#4: There is harmony.