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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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Force Persuasion

If your Force Persuasion is fully aligned with the Light side, you will get a +3 to your Wisdom bonus, depending on your class type. If it is fully aligned with the Dark side, you will get a +3 to your Strength bonus.

Force Scream

A very good Force power that has seems to work well on a large scale of enemies is Force Scream and all its other stages. It is especially useful when you are at level 10 to 14, because your enemies are usually weak around that stage of the game, and this power is strong. On Telos, when you fight the mercenaries that protect the Czerka satellite, three or four Force screams (or its other stages) will most likely kill one group at a time.

Force Sight

Talk to Visas about everything except for how she and her people can see through the Force. After you have built up enough influence, save the game and ask her about the way her people see with the Force. If you have gained enough influence, you will gain the Force Sight power. If not, reload your last saved game and keep trying to gain more influence before trying again.


When you level up, it is always a good idea to increase your character's Wisdom. This helps your Force attacks and Force bar. When you have a high Wisdom, your enemy will have a tough time resisting your Force attacks, and it makes the damage of your Force attacks higher and more effective. Attacks such as Stasis, or Stasis Field will be useful in a lot of areas in the game, especially towards the end and in in the very last battle. Normally if your enemy has a good resistance to the Force, some attacks like Choke, Crush, or Stasis will not do anything. However, with a high Wisdom you can do a lot of damage to them.

Easy Battle in the Dueling Pit

Planet: Nar Shadaa, Character: Mira Light side and Hanharr. Equip Mira with the best battle armor, best shields and the best rifle you have. Mira has a high rating for Sniper Shot along with rocket launcher, and the ability to not set off any mines. At the vary start of this battle shoot a rocket at Hanharr and use your shield. Next wait to move until Hanharr is close to you and run through the 6 mines set in the pit. Hanharr is a slow runner so you might have to wait for him to get close after he sets off a mine. His health bar should be somewhere about 50%. To finish him off run in a big circle to get distance between you and him, Stop and shoot 1 or 2 Sniper Shots. Repeat this until you have won the battle. As his life bar decreases the slower he runs, giving you a lot of time to shot.

Easy Battles

Planet: Nar Shadaa, Character: Main Character building. When you are building your characters powers I suggests getting Force Ware as soon as possible. Early in the game the battles are fairy easy to win with this power. When you use Force Wave this early in the game the damage to the enemy is about 50% to 75% of they life. Plus the enemy is pushed back and are stunned which is vary helpful when battling a group of enemies, such as in the Jerk Jerk Cantina rooms. I had no worries defeating the groups of enemies in the Jerk Jerk rooms. I used Force Wave to stun them then critical strike or Lightsaber Throw to finish them off. I will also add that using those two moves your Life bar and Force bar will hardly move, just remember to re-activate your Breath Control Power when needed.

Easy Experience and Meet with Voga the Hut Eary

Planet: Nar Shadaa, Character: Vogga the Hut. Go into the cantina and head to the right, where there are two Vogga thugs standing having a privet conversation. Take any party member with stealth and walk into their area. They will be talking about the trouble Vogga and Goto are causing. In the conversation they will say “Vogga not seeing visitor. Unless come to talk about Goto.” Leave the area and you get experience points and you can now go meet with Vogga.


Later in the game, if you talk to Kriea a lot, you will have the question \"I have thought more about the destruction of Visas\' homeworld.\" Then say \"Atton said her planet was whiped out, that is the only colony of her people in this sector of the galaxy.\" And then if you have high Awareness you will have the option of \"Well, if her people all see through the Force, then maybe someone wanted to blind them.\" Then, after that, if you have high enough Awareness, \"Someone wants this sector of the galaxy blind to the force. So they can move freely... or strike without warning.\" Then say \"Never mind. I'll be going for now, and now you have just increased Kriea's influence. Just repeat for a lot of influence fast... very helpful for people walking the Light path, seeing as how Kriea will usually lose influence for doing good deeds.

Hint-Nar Shaddaa Silver lightsaber crystal

You can buy a silver saber lightsaber crystal from Geeda on Nar Shaddaa. REMEMBER: You may have to make the other merchant leave Nar Shadda to do this.

Sacrifice Visas

Equip Visas with the clothing that was on her when she joined your party while facing her master. You get the choice to sacrifice her.

Unlimited components

Using the "Handmaiden Robe" trick, breakdown the robes on the workbench to get 200 components. These can go a long way, for melee shields, energy shields, etc. Repeat this as often as desired. It is better to breakdown her robes than valuable merchandise.

Lightsaber rewards

If you assist the refugees by getting the Exchange to ease up, Hussef will give you a lightsaber.

Best lightsaber crystal

The Crystal Caves on Dantooine hold your very own Force Crystal. It has your name and you can keep getting Kreia to "tune" it to yourself throughout the game. It will also improve over time.

Easy First Lightsaber

When you first go to Korriban go into the sith academy. Find the student terminal and take the level 1 written test. You have to get at least 4 right. That will unlock the training room go into it and take the only test you can take you kill some things. Then the torture room unlocks go into it and you will find a dead jedi pick up her remains and you will find a double bladed lightsaber.

Recommended lightsaber form

Use the Juan Lightsaber Form to do many punches and kicks while being vulnerable to Force powers.

Lightsaber color

If you choose not to speak to Atton Rand about your lightsaber after Peragus, the plot of the game chooses your old color for you.

Unlimited Dark side points

After the Ithorians call you asking for your help, go to them and see the Ithorian in the plant room. He will ask you to help save their leader, Chodo. Ask him for a reward, then leave them on their own. Do this repeatedly to get more Dark side points.

Visas See through doors

When playing as Visas, click the Right Analog-stick to go into first person mode. Because she sees using the Force, she has the ability to see through doors as well as the alignment of other characters in the game.

Character progression

To get your party's characters to progress quickly, simply return to the Ebon Hawk after you complete any mission (including bonus missions and side quests). This will trigger sequences where your party members will enact with one another. This does not happen every time you enter the Ebon Hawk, but does happen very frequently.

Train Aton, Handmaiden, or Bao-Dur to be Jedi

Go to the various parts of the game and keep speaking to each of those characters. Continue to gain influence with all of them, and eventually you will have the option to train them to be Jedi.

Jedi party members

If you have a female main character, the Disciple inside the Jedi Enclave sub-levels will join your party and eventually become a Jedi. He is the replacement for Brianna, The Handmaiden.

Hanharr as a party member

If you are playing a True Dark side character, the Wookie will join your party. You will get to kill Mira with him. If you talk to him enough, you will gain attribute bonuses.

Prestige class

You can gain a prestige class when you are at least level 15 and have a very strong alignment to either the Light or Dark side of the Force.

Grey alignment

Do not be a "Grey" Jedi. Leaving your connection to the Force in the neutral area is not cost effective for gaining Force powers. The higher you are to the Light, the better the chance of getting two points to use instead of one. This also works with the Dark side. Jedi Masters also learn powers faster than the Watchmen or Bladesmaster.

Malachor V Defeating Kreia

Once you have started the battle with Kreia, run down the platform behind you. Run away from her until she stops chasing you. Once she stops lay as many mines as you have (thirty or forty recommended) in the same location. Run to where she starts chasing you again and lure her over the mines. If done correctly, her health should be almost gone. She will probably try to use Death Field on you. Use Flurry on her and she will die. Once the lightsabers appear, do the same thing but do not lay mines. Lure the sabers away from each other and attack them separately.

Peragus Defeating mining robots

On Peragus, you will have to deal with a lot of out of control mining robots in several areas. An easy way to defeat them is with the Plasma Tourch. It has a low damage rate against normal enemies, but its fine against robots, locked containers, locked doors, and even busted doors. Make sure you also keep this weapon and never sell it, as it will be useful in many areas of the game. Also, you will not get many credits for selling it.

Telos Military Base Defeating the giant battle droid

To defeat the droid inside the shuttle bay, place mines in front of the huge bay doors. At least ten are recommended. Keep placing them in a diagonal path heading counter-clockwise to the shuttle. If it survives your mines after it comes out of its room, it will be heavily damaged and can be easily defeated.

How to beat Mandalorians

Use the following trick when battling the Mandalorians at their camp in their battle circle: The rules are that no Force powers, stimulants, or other items can be used inside the circle. However, if you boost your character with stimulants before you talk to the sergeant you will still have their benefits when you enter the circle. This will make winning easier.

How to beat Master Vrook

If you go to the Dark side, you will have to face Master Vrook in a one-on-one duel. Master Vrook is a difficult opponent. Have the Force Focus power active (the little purple sphere). Keep hitting him with Force Lightning. Once you get him low enough, Kreia will interrupt and give you a new Force form. It looks like another purple sphere, but absorbs the Force from the opponent. When you continue, Vrook will try to heal himself (you should also do this). Make sure the new ability is active and use Plague on him. With it is 100% chance of hitting, it is really the only thing that works. However, every time you get him with that, he will try to heal the poison. Keep alternating Plague and Force Lightning. He will run out of Force and start attacking again. Keep nailing him with Force Lightning, and when he has only a quarter of his strength remaining, he will collapse and will have won.

How to beat Sion

Try using Flurry. It does a great amount of damage to him. Also try other attacks as well. Force Body will help you greatly. Make sure your Force bar is up before attempting this. When you do the next four to six Force attacks, it will do almost nothing to your Force bar. Force Heal is a great move to use at this time, along with Force Immunity or Force Storm. Make sure you have lots of some type of healing, such as the Survival Pack, Advance Medpack, or Medpack. You must kill Sion three or four times before he actually dies.

How to beat Bosses

If you are having problems defeating a Boss, simply enter the "Gameplay" settings and lower the difficulty to "Easy" for the duration of the battle.

Battle Precognition

Talk to the Handmaiden and ask her to teach you some fighting moves. Do this when you are on the Ebon Hawk. After defeating her, tell her that she seems to be predicting your moves. She will tell you about how the Echani generals could predict the outcomes of battles. Then, ask her how you would be able to do that. After that, you will gain the Light side power Battle Precognition, which allows you to add your Wisdom modifier to your Defense when you are not wearing armor. REMEMBER: You must be a male character in order to do this. Female characters will meet the Disciple instead of the Handmaiden.