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Good for fans bad for everyone else.

posted by CaptMagnifico (THORNTON, CO) Aug 23, 2011

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Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy is a seaqual to the Jedi Outcast game but in this one they took everything that was terrible in that and made it better. The basic plot is that Tavion from Outcast is out for revenge against the Jedi and she is stealing the force to bring back a acient Sith Lord.

So the graphics are not the best I cut the game slack for how old it is but even for an orginal xbox they aren't the best. I do like the fact that a lightsaber will cut off limbs of enimes but otherwise the characters are stiff and blocky.

The sound they have true Star Wars music in there which is cool and every Star Wars game should have but the voice acting well lets say this is before people cared about the voice acting.

Gameplay boy this is where it gets fun now yes the Force Unleashed has better lightsaber mecanics but this one really pioneered it, it is way better then outcast. The problem they give you guns that is so pointless when you can dominate them with the force and a lightsaber who would use a blaster. It isn't long at all you can blow through it in 1 or 2 days depending on how into it you are. Online is off now but when you could play it people were ruthless I hardly killed anyone but yet still fun to fight everyone with a lightsaber.

Story well you play a custom character named Jaden and you follow him throughout his journey of becoming a Jedi. They have cameos from Luke and Kyle Katarn and Boba Fett which makes no sense because this take place after the original trilogy. The empire is still there but there is hardly any of them left. You can choose a good or evil path which is good. So the story isn't bad better then some of the stuff Star Wars has put out.

Overall if you're a fan of Star Wars you will like the game I say buy it but if you think Star Wars is ok or you don't like it then pass because this game won't do anything for you but make you think why did I buy this.

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