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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


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Also on:DS, GBA, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Directional Pad Navigate Menu
Left Thumbstick Move. Navigate Menu.
Right Thumbstick Force Target
A Button Jump
B Button Critical Attack. Interact With Objects. Cut Doors and Panels (With Direction). Jump Into Blaster Cannon.
X Button Fast Attack. Fire Blaster Cannon Quick Shot.
Y Button Strong Attack. Fire Blaster Cannon.
White Button Saber Throw (Hold for Greater Distance)
Black Button Force Stun (Hold). Lightning (Hold).
Left Trigger Block. Strafe (With Direction). Block Blaster Bolt. Fire Blaster Cannon.
Right Trigger Force Push. Force Grasp (With Direction). Fire Blaster Cannon Quick Shot.
Start Pause
Combo #1 X, X, X = Standing Rapid Slash Combo
Combo #2 X, X, Y = Standing Rapid Back Strike
Combo #3 X, Y, Y = Standing Rapid Jung Slash
Combo #4 Left Thumbstick Toward Enemy + X, X, X = Rapid Slash Combo
Combo #5 When Force Jump is available, a glowing icon will appear on the ground. Hold and release A Button to activate.
Combo #6 When Force Focus is necessary, a glowing icon will appear on the floor. Hold and Release Right Trigger to activate.
Combo #7 Click In and Hold Both Thumbsticks = Force Heal
Combo #8 Left Thumbstick x 2 Any Direction = Force Speed Dash
Combo #9 X + Y = Break Grapples. Break Stuns. Get-Up Attack. Offensive Parry Attack. Trap Parry.

Combo #1 Left Thumbstick + Y (As Third Part of Combo) = Universal Launcher
Combo #2 Universal Launcher + A = Jump Follow-Up Attack
Combo #3 If hit by the Universal Launcher, press A Button in midair = Air Tech Escape
Combo #4 Pull Left Trigger at the exact second a blaster bolt hits you = Perfect Deflection
Combo #5 If your opponent traps you with an Offensive Parry Attack, press the same attack button you think he will use to perform an Offensive Counter Parry.