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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


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Also on:DS, GBA, PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

BEN dies automatically

When playing with Ben Kenobi (in the multi player mode) Press (at the same time) circle and Square and Ben will put his lightsaber up to his face and hold it there like in Episode 4 A New Hope. While he\'s doing that make his opponent hit him with his lightsaber and he will die. But if his opponent doesn't hit Benin time Ben life will still go all the way down. This is really cool when you opponent is Darth Vader against Ben at the Death Star.

Counter Attacks

Counter attacks, or shunts as they are called, can really save your back. Hit block and away to perform a \"trap shunt\" which is a simple and weak counter attack, yet unavoidable. Pressing block and towards will have you perform a regular shunt, which you will have to press Light Attack or Heavy Attack to follow up so you do something rather than simply block.

Earning Experience Points

You earn experience points by killing enemies. If your skill meter rating is above "Fair" your experience points will be multiplied: Fair - 1x (base) :: Good - 1.5x :: Impressive - 2x :: Masterful - 3x.

200 Points

Kill Battledroid

300 Points

Kill Battledroid Captain

300 Points

Kill Battledroid Sniper

400 Points

Kill Super Battledroid

200 Points

Kill Buzz Droid

400 Points

Kill Buzz Droid Dispenser

3000 Points

Kill Crab Droid

500 Points

Kill Destroyer Droid

500 Points

Kill Flying Battledroid

600 Points

Kill Blue Grapple Droid

800 Points

Kill Red Grapple Droid

300 Points

Kill Clone Trooper

400 Points

Kill Clone Sniper

500 Points

Kill Clone Heavy Gunner

700 Points

Kill Clone Blaze Trooper

900 Points

Kill Clone AT-ST Walker

1000 Points

Kill Clone Assassin

20000 Points

Kill Count Dooku

1250 Points

Kill Grievious Bodyguard

20000 Points

Kill General Grievous

600 Points

Kill Jedi Sniper

800 Points

Kill Jedi Knight

1000 Points

Kill Jedi Brute

350 Points

Kill Neimoidian Guard

500 Points

Kill Neimoidian Scout

1000 Points

Kill Neimoidian Brute

400 Points

Kill Padawan

22500 Points

Kill Mace Windu

10000 Points

Kill Serra

15000 Points

Kill Cin Drallig

25000 Points

Kill Anakin

750 Points

Kill Small Turret

5000 Points

Kill Banking Clan Cruiser

1000 Points

Kill Jedi Starfighter

1000 Points

Kill Clone Truck Cannon

2000 Points

Kill Defeated Clone Truck

7500 Points

Kill Clone Gunship

7500 Points

Kill Neimoidian Shuttle