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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter


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Gameplay Controls

Star Wars Bounty Hunter

Directional Buttons Left and Right - Quick Weapon Select/ Up - Quick -Select ID Scanner
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Action button (includes capturing bounty and using cutting laser)
Square Button Fire Weapon or Mark Bounty (if ID Scanner is active)
Circle Button Weapon Select (press and hold to pause game and bring up Weapons menu, or tap button to cycle weapons)
L2 Button Crouch/Roll
L1 Button Jetpack Thrust
R2 Button Look Mode (press and hold) also used to look through ID scanner
R1 Button Lock on to Target (press and hold)
Start Button Pause Menu or Skip Cutscene
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Jango (or move cross hairs if ID scanner or sniper rifle is active)
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Rotate Camera (or press up or down to zoom ID scanner or sniper rifle)
Combo #1 X Button + R1: Dodge with a sommersault.
Combo #2 L2 Button + R1 + Analog Stick: Evasive Roll