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Star Wars: Battlefront II

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does Gamefly hate xbox 360 users?

posted by Stemmy (CLARKSVILLE, IN) Nov 21, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

This game along with most great xbox and xbox 360 games (especially the various star wars games) just aren't available for rent, but of course the playstation versions are. Further more why even have games that aren't for rent or purchase even listed is beyond me. In my opinion Gamefly better get there sh*t together...

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Buy It!

posted by Jayson (STOCKTON, CA) Feb 18, 2013

Member since May 2006

I would love to buy this game, unfortunately it's not for sale on Gamefly...

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Very Good

Star Wars Battlefront 2

posted by j_cool4589 (TOPEKA, KS) Aug 9, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

This game has many improved components from the previous title. First, there are space battles, which provides a new prospective of the battlefront. Second, you can play as the Jedi, which is pretty cool, considering you can smash your way through loads of enemies, jump super high, and even run at an emence speed. Obviously, the graphics are better than before, characters and classes are a little bit differnt,etc. But looking at this game from a point of view as a newcomer to the Battlefront series, there are more things you need to know about this game.

Lets start with pros.
Fantastic graphics for the year.
First and third prospectives provides fun for all gamers.
Space and ground battles that are both very fun.
Surprisingly long lasting fun, considering most battles, in eseance, are very similar is some way.
This is 360 compatible, so you don't have to worry about not having an original xbox.

Now, Cons.
There are a few glitches, which can be very pesky(like on one planet, about 15 people, on your or opposing side can glitch out on a spot and just stay there and do nothing), but not so that it turns you off.
This game is considered a little "rare" and "collectible"( I want to play it, not add it to a collection!!) so you may have to cough up a little dough to buy this.

To sum it all up, this game is for star wars fans, or action game fans. Great graphics make it fun to play. Unfortunatly, it is expensive. You should definantly look into buying this or at least renting it.

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