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Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Battlefield 1942 meets Star Wars.

posted by Equaliza (CHARLESTON, WV) Oct 10, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

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Story: As a member of the 501st, you fight for the Republic, and eventually become a full fledged Stormtrooper for the Empire. Based on the series of Star Wars movies, this game's storyline will be liked by both people who have seen all of the movies, and those who haven't. (5/5)

Gameplay: This game offers many options to make the game interesting and fun. Get into an instant battle quickly, go do the storyline mode, or conquer the galaxy as any of the four armies you can play. Get online and play with other SWBF fans, or play the unique hero battles pitting all of the legends of the Star Wars universe against one another. (5/5)

Controls: A bit of a challenging controller layout, but you can customize it however you want. To fully understand and utilize the options of each playable character, playing the game for a while is required. (4/5)

Sound: Like most Star Wars games, Star Wars specific music is played throughout each level, creating an atmosphere of excitement and thrill. Although some of the spoken sound bytes seem dry when executed, and at times, humorous (such as a Rebel yelling "YEHAAAH!" after completing a map), it doesn't harm the charm of the game. (4/5)

Replay Value: If you like games in which you control a soldier within a massive army, pitted against another army, then you'd love this game. Love Battlefield 1942 You'd love this game... Maybe. Never the less, the awards you can win make you yearn to keep playing, over and over again. Very addictive. (5/5)

Overall: This game is an extreme improvement of the already memorable Star Wars Battlefront game. Take control of the heroes, such as the Jedi or Sith Lords, instead of just watching them hack away at enemies. Set the difficulty up and watch the game become greatly challenging. Become an expert in a specific archetype of soldier even (I'm a big Stormtrooper and sniper myself). Fun at every corner of this game, get three other friends and conquer the entire Star Wars universe! (22/25)

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One of the best games for xbox

posted by Strongbad1 (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) Sep 2, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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You should definitely rent this game (or buy it if you have the money, which is very likely). I really don't know why I like this game so much, but if you get bored you can order 3 new maps and 2 new jedi for about $5. Which is always a good thing. The one thing I stress though, is xbox live on this game, it's terrible. I used the right analog stick to look around once, and for some weird reason, My trooper kept going up-right for some reason.
Another time, whenever I set a time bomb somewhere immediately afterward my trooper acted like he was throwing a grenade. So play split-screen, or single player, but don't expect to get blown away on xbox live.

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Great game, a must play for any Star Wars fan

posted by Creepr (SONORA, CA) Jun 9, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

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Building off the success of the original, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is leaps and bounds ahead of its predessor.

Graphics: While it IS a last gen game, it looks great considering. I was esspiecially impressed by the smooth framrate, and fantasic animations for the hero charcters. There is a bit of slow down on the 2-4 player slitscreen, however.

Story: This is not a story game. It is about blasing everything that moves... is a mildly stagetic manner. That aside, the campaign ( which can be played in 2 player splitscreen co-op by the way :D ) tells a kinda interesting story of the legendary 501st storm trooper legion, and their role in the rise of the empire, starting at the clones wars. Its not a great narritive, but its definatly a welcome feature.

Gameplay: Simply put: Its great fun. Espessically the galactic conquest mode, which allows players to fight for control of the galaxy, one planet at a time. That's where I found the games greatest thrills. All of the weapons, and vehicles feel great. Even the space battles flow well. But the fact can't be overlooked that the vehicles and hero's can sometimes seem insanly overpowered when in control of a human player. The A.I bots arn't always too bright either. They don't repair vehicles, and behind the wheel... not much of a challenge unless your on foot. Ground troops are more useful, distributing health an ammo (albeit sparringly) hacking vehicles, and manning turrets.

Sound: The awesome Star Wars soundtrack and sound effects really immerse you in the expirience. Although, the dialouge for the hero charcters is laughably bad. But in a good way. 5.1 Dolby Digitial FTW!

Leasting Appeal: The stats tracker, and bonuses atributed to those stats, will keep you hooked for months. I litterly did not stop playing for two days after I got it.


-Space battles


-Galactic conquest


-Dated graphic

-Ocassionally dumb A.I

-No next gen sequel ( sad face indeed )

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