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Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Chaos and chaos and confusion and more chaos

posted by Imptee (CORONA, CA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

I think my title sums it up.
It is probably exactly what it should be, and I guess I just don't care for this type of game.
I enjoyed taking part (and the different roles there) in the Star Wars universe. The technology, politics, and characterizations seemed to be reasonably accurate. I just couldn't keep playing it long enough to truly enjoy those things.
Too much chaos, not enough purpose.

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posted by gamefreak2 (WANAQUE, NJ) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

StarWars is a great game but can be better. Without a doubt the best StarWars game made. Some levels are also hard. They should definitely come out with another one.

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Be Prepared to Shell Out Another Five Bucks

posted by orpheus (MODESTO, CA) Apr 15, 2006

Member since Oct 2003

Sent this one back. Real quick.

Actually, I really liked this game. It has huge improvements over the first in terms of both single and multiplayer gameplay. It looks pretty good, and nothing is as enjoyable as a good old-fashioned Star Wars geekfest.

No, the issue is not the single-player campaign, which features the 501st Clone/Stormtrooper legion, detailing their exploits from episode III on. It's not the Galactic Conquest Mode, which is a blast. It's not the online multiplayer, which plays better than the previous iteration of this franchise. It's not the selection of characters, vehicles or weapons, which are top-notch.

The problem is simply this: this game is at its heart a multiplayer online game. The most enjoyable part of this game should be jumping into an online game and causing mayhem against real human beings. But LucasArts released an add-on pack after the game came out that you have to purchase for $5, which includes new maps, characters and game types. If you don't have the extra five dollars to throw at content for a game (that you're renting, if you're reading this review), you CAN'T get into a game that includes any of those game types or maps in its playlist.

In other words, I had this game for a week, and I couldn't get into a single online game that I didn't host. So it went back in its little orange sleeve.

Pros: Fun game, good recreation of the Star Wars Universe, the addition of space battles is cool, and just about everything is better in the sequel.

Cons: Frame rate still a little sticky in spots, Jedi animations are really pretty crappy and YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY ONLINE (more or less).

Verdict: If you're not willing to pay an extra five dollars for a game you're renting, stick to the BUY IT option.

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