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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Ship list

Starfighters Republic: ARC 170 Empire: TIE Fighter CIS: Vulture Droid Star FIGHTER Rebel: X-Wing Bombers Republic: V Wing Empire: TIE Bomber CIS: Confederacy Strick Bomber Rebel: Y-Wing Scouts/Inteceptors Republic: Jedi Interceptor Empire: TIE Interceptor CIS: Droid Tri- Fighter Rebel: A-Wing Transports Republic: LAAT Gunship Empire: Imperial Shuttle CIS: Droid Gunship Rebel: Alliance Assault Craf

All hero battle

Go to Instant Action mode and pick Mos Eisley as your level and Assault as the game type. When you begin the game you should be able to pick between heroes and villains and fight as any of "Hero" type character classes with no time limit.

Easy space battle kills

First, ensure that the enemies shields are down, then select a soldier with a blaster rifle. Take a fast ship and fly directly into the docks (it has a blue film over it), land, and get out. All of the enemies will be lightly armed because they are pilots. Open fire. Most will not return fire. Also, most enemy ship have an objective to destroy inside them.

Easy space battle kills

Lock on to a structure such as the life support system or bridge. Make a preliminary strafing run straight along the ship. After passing the target, pull up with full thrusters. When the targeting arrow goes from the front of the screen to the back of the screen, decrease all engine power. Continue pulling back until you see the target. Line up with the target and do a half roll. This maneuver will allow you to make several runs, unloading on the target and avoiding as much enemy fighters as possible.

Rank list

Earn the indicated number of medals in combat to advance to the next rank. Veteran: 6 medals Elite: 30 medals Legendary: 60 medals

Legendary rank bonus weapons

After reaching the Legendary rank in the indicated class, cycle through your weapons to access the new weapon. Frenzy: Elite Assault Rifle Regulator: Flechette Shotgun Demolition: Guidable Rockets Marksman: Particle Beam Rifle Gunslinger: Precision Blaster Technician: Vehicle Regen

Medals and bonuses

Demolition: Guidable Rockets: Get four critical hits vs. vehicles in one life; three critical hits in Elite. Endurance: Energy Recuperation: Get 12 points in one life; 9 points in Elite. Frenzy: Elite Assault Rifle: Get twelve kills with a blaster rifle in one life; nine kills in Elite. Guardian: Shielding: Get 24 points in one life; 18 points in Elite. Gunslinger: Precision Pistol: Get 6 kills with a pistol in one life; 4 kills in Elite. Marksman: Particle Beam Rifle: Get 6 headshots with the sniper rifle in one life; 4 headshots in Elite. Regulator: Flechette Shotgun: Get eight kills with a shotgun in one life; six kills in Elite. Technician: Vehicle Regen: Slice into a vehicle. War Hero: Damage Increase: Get 36 points in one life; 24 points in Elite.

How to get high ranking in Naboo And Kassykk

in Naboo You have to use Dark Trooper or Jet Trooper To Jet Pack up in a bowkany and use your wepons to kill them on the ground

Unlimeted Force Choke

Go to Instant Action then go to Mos Eisley. Select Assault. Launch the mission. Choose Villains, then Aniken Skywalker. When you see an enemy use Force Choke then quickly switch to Saber Throw, never letting go to R1. You will choke the enemy without using stamina!

Hero character locations

The hero characters can be found at the following locations: Aayla Secura: Felucia: Fungi Forest, Jabba's Palace Anakin Skywalker: Mustafar: Refinery Boba Fett: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Utapau: Sinkhole, Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple, Jabba's Palace Chewbacca: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple Count Dooku: Geonosis: Dust Plains Darth Maul: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Mustafar: Refinery, Jabba's Palace Darth Vader: Tantive IV: Interior, Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Dagobah, Naboo: Theed, Hoth: Echo Base, Endor Emperor: Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Naboo: Theed, Death Star: Interior General Grievous: Tantive IV: Interior, Utapau: Sinkhole, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Dagobah, Mygeeto: War-Torn City Han Solo: Utapau: Sinkhole, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Endor Jango Fett: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple Ki-Adi-Mundi: Mygeeto: War-Torn City Luke Skywalker: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Jabba's Palace, Death Star: Interior, Hoth: Echo Base Mace Windu: Geonosis: Dust Plains, Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Yavin 4: Temple, Death Star Interior Obi-Wan: Utapau: Sinkhole, Mustafar: Refinery, Naboo: Naboo: Naboo: Theed Princess Leia: Tantive IV: Interior, Naboo: Naboo: Theed Yoda: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Tantive IV: Interior, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Dagobah

Unlimited hero or villain

Start Instant Action mode, choose your levels, but do not launch. Go down to the options, then go on "Hero". Change the options here as follows: Best Player, 4 Points, and the time for the hero to become available to 4 seconds. Your hero or villain can still die and the meter runs out, but you only need to kill four people for 4 points to unlock the hero or villain again. Also, if you get the points when you are playing as the hero or villain, when you die when playing as the hero or villain they still count as the points -- you can pick to play as them immediately. Go to Instant Action, select your levels, but before you start go to the options menu. Select "Hero" then change options to Best Player, Time Limit 1 second, and the time for hero to become available to "Always". You can start the game selecting the hero, and when you die you can pick them again immediately.