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A few steps away from Elite

posted by willy4eyes (DARBY, PA) Jun 11, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I enjoyed playing Renegade Squadron when I rented it a year or two ago, so I figured I'd give Elite Squadron a spin.

What I liked most about this game:
+ I enjoyed the campaign mode (rather, the few missions that I did play), and the fact that you get to see the events through the eyes of an actual character, rather than an anonymous soldier. This is one thing that Renegade Squadron's campaign could have used.
+ The ability to jump back and forth between ground combat and space flight combat is a nifty idea, and adds an extra dimension to multiplayer battles.
+ As expected of a Star Wars title, the musical score is top-notch.

Things that I didn't like:
- The controls. Moving around and aiming with the analog nub is hard, and sometimes I felt like the camera wasn't able to keep up with my movements.
- Melee combat doesn't compare to the fierce firefights. It's hard sometimes to tell whether or not your attacks are connecting.
- Animation is a bit jerky, and the pauses in the short transitions between ground and space become jarring after a while.

It's a decent Star Wars game, but would probably be a whole lot better if it were easier to move around, and if the graphics were improved. Give it a rental first and see if it's for you.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Default controls?

posted by Halo1906 (OAKLEY, CA) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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First off I like to say I am a fan of the star wars franchise and all. Not a big fan of the games besides the battle front ones which were great. But thats enough of that. My first opinion of the game was ," WOW it has a customization!?" This was a great add to the game. Gives that edge to the game were you want to keep playing until you have those cool gear you can equip. I was a little upset of how you can get them because first off I had no idea but you'll find out after playing and blowing up some stuff. The graphics are great for a PSP game. I am not picky about stuff like this when it comes to hand held. Now when I started playing the controls were off my Mister angry charts now. >: (

I hated the controls I mean they were so upserd I was going to sell it back to K mart. I mean at of all things they have you lock-on the enemy in order to actual hit the target! This just rips its manliness of man from the Game! But after tossing the PSP across the room a couple of times you get use to it. Still I think the controls could be better. The story had some holes in it but I really dont mind it. The story didn't make that much sense to me honestly. One great thing I love about it is how you can make your own load outs. which helps out allot in some cases. The new game play added really adds that intense edge to your game play. You are always fighting over the Ion cannon which keeps the battles epic all the time. And I am not sure about that Oribatal cannon. Really haven't tried it but i am guessing it turns the tide of some battles if used right. I have no opinion on the online do to my network is horrible and false at connecting.

All in all its a great game to buy even. Can kill alot of time on the road. I highly recommend for purchase.

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A great game!

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) May 23, 2010

Member since Nov 2006

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First of all, let me explain I was totally surprised by the Renegade Squadron on PSP because of how well it looked on PSP but then Elite Squadron came around and I liked it for more then just great looks. But there were some stuff that LucasArts needs to attend to before they make another PSP battlefront game:

Needed to make battlefronts larger. I felt kind of annoyed by how small some of the battle areas were. Just a thought!

The task of capturing the Ion Cannon and destroying the Capital ship was very fun but after a while got old. Maybe you could select space battle or ground battle or mixed battle?

During games where you had to capture the ion cannon, it ws very annoying listening to a guy (clone, rebel, imperial, or droid) tell you that you have to capture the ion cannon or fight harder every 5 seconds. Yes, it got very annoying and I tried to find an off switch for them countless times.

Having to unlock your weaponry was yes, needed but can't tell what I have to do to unlock them! Imagine playing different modes millions of times different ways trying to unlock a chaingun for my clone trooper...

What was up with the Bespin mission in Campaign mode?? There was no way one jedi, a smuggler, and a mute robot could take on that many stormtroopers! Plus those overweight darktroopers!

But here are the goods:

Interesting new storyline! Glad to finally play as a heroic character not some rebel dude off the frying pan.

Awesome melee attack with gun! I have been waiting for something like that where I can finally just run and gun and then when I get to close, I can bash the enemie's head with my blaster rifle! Cool sprint move too!

Better graphics then Renegade Squadron. By a lot.

I was a big fan of Renegade Squadron's captain: Col Serra. It was awesome to see his face during countless battles in Campaign mode (Endor and few others...) !

Definitely rent first and then if you like it buy it. But through and through it's a great game!

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