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Decent, good for Trek fans & time killer!

posted by FreakzillaPhill (MCLEANSVILLE, NC) Jul 22, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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First off, I know this game has gotten horrendous reviews mostly. While playing, I could see maybe why some of them hated the game, the game is a tad glitchy at times (I had to restart checkpoint several times). Also, most were hoping for some space battles (there is only one in the game) so that was also an issue. But I'm not really here to talk about the negatives I want to talk about the positives. I gave this game a 6 based on my overall experience and time with the game. Yes, I am a Star Trek fan as well.

#1: Great voice acting from everyone around to Pine, Quinto, Urban, Pegg the lot of them.

#2- Decent storyline featuring The Gorn's return to Star Trek as the villains. Basically you either take control of Kirk or Spock and battle them throughout the game, while also completing certain objectives.

#3- Fast paced and never a dull moment, the game just continues with havoc from start to finish so it never feels boring or tiresome. Every cut scene is related to another event that is getting ready to happen immediately after that scene. Great build up.

#4- Simple easy gameplay especially if you like TPS (Third person shooters) sometimes can be a little sensitive when moving around corners and stuff but otherwise good gameplay.

#5- Great character models... I see a lot of complaints from people saying that the graphics felt dated. To me, I looked at is they gave the crew great detail everyone from Kirk to Spock to Scotty, Bones & Sulu all had great models. So for me the graphics didn't bother me at all.

So in all honesty if your looking to kill some time and if your a fan of Star Trek then you should play at least one time through. It's not perfect it's not fantastic but it is good. Look through some of the small glitches and lack of space battles and just have a good time like me.

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posted by honzascud (SOMERVILLE, MA) May 14, 2013

Member since May 2013

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I was really looking forward to this title. With the release date being postponed and production taking longer than usual my expectations were pretty high.

What a disappointment. Bug after a bug, frustration with unresponsive characters, poor graphic (PS2 era). This game was painful experience. We couldn't even finish it. That's how annoying the gameplay in coop mode was.

It makes me sad to see how Star Trek potential gets wasted on this ''Star Trek'' kind of games. Remember Star Trek Voyager Elite Force? You could tell that game was made by people who knew and loved Star Trek. The attention to details, storyline, characters.. I played it over and over.

Don't waste your time on this game.. It is a true DISASTER and should have never been released. I gave it 3 points just because of the soundtrack.

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So close

posted by egmhookem (JAY, OK) Apr 25, 2013

Member since Nov 2010

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I read somewhere that it took over a year to make this game and that it would be better than most games that come from movies. Well they were right it is better than your typical movie to game experience but man ol man is there some major flaws in this game. I guess they should have spent over two years making it.

First off this is an original story so its not exactly based upon a movie other than it has the same actors and voices of the actors. Where this game fails is the controls and the glitches. It is not a smooth game, you will find yourself getting frustrated about how you have to get at certain angles to accomplish goals and find yourself even more frustrated when no matter what you do you cant seem to find the correct button to push to get you thru a door I eventually commanded spock to open the door and it worked. The movement of the character isnt bad but it's nothing compared to the great games out there Uncharted, COD, Tomb Raider.

The good things are that the story is'nt bad and the graphics are pretty good. I also thought it had a good mix of shooter and exploration.

All in all I think the bad out ways the good but if you like Star Trek give it a shot.

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