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Star Trek: Shattered Universe

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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Directional Pad Target specific types of objects in the game. UP = Cycle to the next capital ship/navigation point target. DOWN = Cycle to the next enemy fighter target. LEFT/RIGHT = Cycle [previous/next] through all available targets.
Left Thumbstick Controls the Pitch and Yaw of your fighter. Push Forward to pitch down, pull backward to pitch up, push left to yaw left and push right to yaw right.
Right Thumbstick Controls the Roll or your Fighter. Push left to roll left, push right to roll right.
A Button Fire primary weapon
B Button Fire secondary weapon [bank 2]
X Button Fire secondary weapon [bank 1]
Y Button Target object under targeting reticle. If none are available, then target closest object.
White Button Toggle between 1st and 3rd person camera view.
Black Button On-demand cinematic camera view of player
Left Trigger Reverse thrust
Right Trigger Forward thrust
Start Pause the game